We grow, and we outgrow. It is time for us at iGoMoon to pack up our office belongings at Eriksbergsgatan 8A's ground floor and prepare ourselves for a new adventure at a new office. And you're coming with us!

But don't you worry - we're not going far.


Truth is, if you can find our current street door, you're in the right place. We are keeping the same address but are leaving the ground floor far behind us when we move to the sixth, and top floor of the building where newly renovated facilities with a huge rooftop terrass are waiting for us. Same address, same staircase: just a few (read: many) more steps, or levels to pass with the elevator if you don't prefer to arrive breathless. 



We outgrew the office

The process of finding a new office has been ongoing for quite some time and deadlines have been pushed to the future time after time. When it finally was decided where we're going, our hopes were to move in by the end of the year. With enormous excitement we're now starting to prepare ourselves for what's to come. 

On November 7th, I celebrated six months at iGoMoon, and as I was reminiscing I realised how many colleagues I've had the time to welcome during half a year. Interns, an executive assistant, a new inbound marketing consultant, a frontend developer, a fullstack developer, a frontend/design-hybrid developer... and the list goes on. I can definitely point out one thing: we've outgrown the office. 

When our beloved customers come visit us, and meetings are held at the office - some of us will work from the kitchen, others from the game room and the desks are taken from the early morning and filled with creative people. We don't see it as an issue, we make it work and we love spending time together. 

However. It's time for us to take on something new where everyone will fit. Something new to outgrow - in time. 

Moving date moved up

With great excitement I can announce that we get to move into our new home a few weeks earlier than expected, and the move is happening next weekend already. Next Monday we'll be having breakfast in our new office... It's a weird but amazing feeling. 

Currently we live and work in an organised chaos. Our current office is being demolished, and boxes are starting to pile up in every corner. The storage spaces are being emptied, and we are all getting into the right mood.

Camilla (executive assistant) should be awarded a huge golden star for the work puts into the move!

Sneak peek!

David and I tested the elevator and visited our new office to assess the progress. And, wow! New wires are in, it's all being painted, and electrics are being redone. A different organised chaos to what we are experiencing on the groud floor. David took pictures, and I was in the way as you can see above and below. 


Here is a sneak peek of our future moon base.







Welcome to come by our new office for a cup of coffee with us (starting November 19th)!