Your office can’t be a German rave club. Getting any kind of work related stuff done would be a nightmare (Must admit that we are streaming Scooter on Fridays though). When strobelights are body searching you while music is invading your earholes at 666 beats per minutes, making bad decisions becomes as easy as breathing. But your office shouldn’t be a grave either. At least if you want people, and not zombies, feel comfortable at work. That’s why you should get a loudspeaker (Sonos makes the trick for us) and a subscription to Spotify.



It’s a great energizer

Silence is great for concentration - at least for some. But how often is an office quiet? Most of the time you will hear an iPhone drop or when someone get’s a good match on Tinder, so why not play a little music? It doesn’t have to be ear-deafening, just a quiet murmur in the background, like when you turn on your TV after you come home. It brightens the mood, and makes work feel less like eating kale and more like stuffing your face with spongecake.


Get to know your co-workers

Random babblings about the weather, traffic or a word from “Los Pollos Hermanos” ruins good music. Create an office playlist instead. It creates a good mix, and let’s you know what your co-workers are all about. And finding a radio station that plays “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” followed by “Big Poppa” and “Raining Blood”, is as likely as finding Kim Jong Un petting unicorns in your backyard.


It brings everyone together

Imagine an entire office is jamming out to Katy Perry's “Firework”, or losing it’s collective mind to “Party Up in Here”. No, it’s not weird: it’s special. There is a certain camaraderie that grows out of people trusting each other enough to break out and sing. People will fudge up a word or seven, forget a chorus here and there, but no one cares. If that happens, you can send out invites to a company wide snuggle party without it being weird. Get ready to spoon your office.


Let’s get weird

Your office is not a grave, nor a rave-club: but you should definitely get a loudspeaker and some sort of streaming service. Playing music has helped us get pumped up, get to know each other and brought us closer as a team. Now that’s 10 dollars well spent - at least if you ask us.


Need some inspiration?

Start your journey towards a great company culture by following our office playlist “Rocket Fuel

I think that was everything for us. Or, at least from me Jacob - iGoMoon's behind the stage (rocket) reporter.

Over and out!