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Quinyx is on a journey to help more than 1,000 companies around the world to optimise schedules with AI forecasting, make time reporting more efficient, reduce costs, stay compliant and engage with employees. Put it simply, Quinyx improves the lives of millions of people by improving their work-life, based on the belief that a happy workforce means a happier, more successful business.

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Project plan

Client Location
Quinyx’s journey started in Sweden and has offices in 8 countries now

Services Provided
Website Design & Development, Website Migration, Lead Management, HubSpot Integrations, SEO, Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Sales Hub Support, HubSpot Customer Service Hub Support

Related Sector
Business Services

Languages Supported
English (UK), English (US), Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, and German




To achieve their mission, they needed to move faster with tremendous flexibility. Therefore, they decided to transform onto Hubspot platform that supports this mindset and partnered with iGoMoon to keep up with the business growth to enhance the website strategy.

Artboard 5 copy 8The challenge

Quinyx is growing rapidly globally and the marketing and sales process they carried out before implementing HubSpot, was lacking flexibility, functionality, and power. The transformation onto Hubspot required additional assistance, agile execution and delivery to be optimized for higher conversions. Therefore, Quinyx approached iGoMoon, HubSpots Partner, in order to achieve their marketing and sales goals from external HubSpot specialists.

Quinyx's main challenges were:

First and foremost, a lack of personalization on the website and its content, which impacted the buyer's journey. Second, was a lack of lead management to collect, organize, and automate data to the hundreds of thousands of leads generated across multiple countries. Third, multiple regional websites had to be integrated into a single CMS, within each subdomain and language.

Planning and maintaining a website of this size has been challenging and required an expert team of designers, developers and marketing strategists as well as a tool that supports this mindset. To do this, they want to test, evaluate, tweak their content, and try again.

Artboard 5 copy 9The solution

To leverage the link between their HubSpot contact database and the CMS, Quinyx incorporated personalization into their site experience. The site was developed to manage multiple languages and markets both from a user experience perspective and from an SEO standpoint to support their rapid global growth.

The first step for Quinyx was to build a fully optimized website with a customized calculator that feeds all new leads from different countries directly into their contacts database, transitioning the website to the epicenter of their marketing efforts and campaigns, and then using HubSpot CRM to get deeper insights into prospects and close more deals faster.

Redesigning the customer's journey

The key consideration when rebuilding Quinyx’s website on HubSpot CMS was to create a personalized user-centric, conversion-focused website that would appeal to buyer personas at every stage of the customer’s journey.

We designed and developed a location dropdown on Quinyx homepage that would lead users to language and location-specific pages with more information related to the chosen country. Moreover, CTAs for schedule a demo on the homepage via the HubSpot forms to generate leads.


Develop multiple regional sites integrated into a singular CMS

Quinyx has several regional websites hosted with HubSpot. To strengthen SEO, we helped them in migrating their website to HubSpot and creating language variants for different regions and languages. Being able to navigate by both location and language for Quinyx was critical, as it allowed the team to have control over the content and experience of that regional site.

Create Dynamic pages with HubDB

Migrating a large website and web pages with a lot of traffic from all over the world required a lot of planning to develop the site architecture that allows for quick edits. We created several dynamic pages using HubDB, such as blog templates, customer directories and location dependent pages. With HubSpot, this allowed us to create and edit web pages in one place rather than simplify the setup.

Gated content and A/B testing

One of the crucial factors that set the leads apart from the website traffic is the strategic use of gated content which has helped Quinyx attract higher-quality visitors and convert them into leads and customers. Another factor for the success of the new website has been the possibility to compare the page’s performance by using HubSpot A/B testing.

quinyx-images-new-03-without-textArtboard 5 copy 10The result

Quinyx’s new conversion-optimised, SEO-friendly website is aligned with their customer’s needs thus it helped boost the number of traffic and leads. By creating a clear customer journey with the dropdown function and CTAs on the homepage and its connection to CRM, Quinyx has received a tremendous number of new contacts and leads. And as HubSpot says:

Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.3 blurbs with information
The results really did speak for themselves; their growth was exponential, and it has continued to trend upwards throughout our long team works.

Artboard 5 copy 11The impact

By tackling CMS and CRM foundations as well as sales and marketing alignment, we were able to see increases in results across the flywheel. 

iGoMoon supports us in our journey to provide the best possible experience for our website visitors. Based on our requirements, iGoMoon can offer us the best possible solutions within the Hubspot ecosystem. If we have any needs, iGoMoon is always there to help us by coming up with innovative ideas, smart solutions, or new innovations that we can easily implement on our website.

Daan Dagevos, Web Marketing Specialist at Quinyx 

Our future with Quinyx

Moving forward with Quinyx, iGoMoon has been working closely for over 4 years. Our relationship started with a website rebuild and since then, we’ve worked on a month-to-month growth partnership by supporting the team with ongoing web design and development. We look forward to providing Quinyx with our solutions that will maintain their position in the digital space and to keep continue to generate high-quality leads. 


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