Outbound sales processes can be both time consuming and resource intensive, often causing frustration for both sales teams and customers. However, with the right tools and strategies, it is possible to streamline your outbound process and improve both efficiency and effectiveness. In this blog post, we will explore how sales automation, specifically sequences and task automation combined with manual activities can help you achieve this.

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What is sales automation?

So, what is sales automation? Sales automation refers to the use of technology to automate repetitive and tedious tasks within the sales process. This can include tasks such as lead qualification, follow-up messages, and data entry. By automating these tasks, sales teams can save time and energy, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities such as building relationships and closing deals.

Sequencing is a great example of a powerful tool for streamlining outbound activities. A sequence is a series of automated pre-written messages and task reminders that can be sent to leads or customers at specific points in the sales process.

Sales automation in practice

Depending on which CRM or sales tool you are using, your sales automation might look a bit different. However, an example of a structure and combination of pre-written emails, automated task reminders and manual tasks in a sequence could potentially look like this:

Email nr 1.
Automated task reminder appears after X days to follow up with a phone call.

Email nr 2.
Automated task reminder appears after X days to follow up with a LinkedIn message.

Email nr 3.
Automated task reminder appears after X days to follow up with a phone call.

Typically, there are settings that will automatically alert you or stop the sequence when a significant action is taken by the recipient, such as responding to the email or booking a meeting. This reduces the risk of the recipient experiencing the communication being automated or unprofessional.

What you will gain

By using sequences this way, you will benefit by the fact that the system takes care of manual time-consuming tasks such as emails, while also keeping track of manual actions, creating a daily list of “to do’s”. This is a great way of saving time, simplifying administration, as well as increasing your activity rate.

In conclusion, streamlining your outbound process with sales automation is a critical step towards improving efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. By using sequences and task automation you can:

  • Streamline lead qualification & nurturing
  • Simplify meetings booking
  • Follow up & close deals faster