Bio-Works is a Swedish biotech company founded in 2006. It is the home of next-generation chromatography resins for the purification of monoclonal antibodies, proteins, peptides, oligos, viruses, and vaccines. In other words, Bio-Works develops and supplies to the European, American, and APAC pharmaceutical, diagnostics, or biotech companies one of the crucial ingredients to clean up the substances while the drug development, for example, vaccine production. But Bio-Works also reaches other target audiences such as researchers, scientific media, and investors.



Bio-Works has been facing stringent standards from the pharmaceutical industry, which is notoriously conservative in terms of processes. Yet biotech relies on ongoing innovation, adopting new methods and unique concepts. Thus, Bio-Works has always had to strike a balance between conservatism and change, as well as transmit the proper message through their website, which is one of their primary assets. Bio-Works is a listed company which also adds commitment, which affects the website.

As a result, due to the presence of several target groups, the complexity of the product itself, as well as a large number of regulations, the website became entirely overwhelmed with information.

They had recently migrated their website to HubSpot CMS – but it didn’t work. Every part of the website had its own module, completely inflexible, so the team couldn’t adjust them to their needs. The website was also overloaded with necessary regulatory and technical documentation in different formats in two languages that were continuously growing and numerous long pages. The website lacked consistency, and poor UX impacted engagement and conversion. Aside from that, the look was directly opposed to the innovative approach that is a core tenet of Bio-Works’ DNA.

The company was seeking a skilled agency that could help them grow with HubSpot when they met iGoMoon.


Being HubSpot’s Advanced CMS Implementation Certified partner, iGoMoon has experience in complex CMS migrations, software integrations, and custom website development. Over the years, the iGoMoon team has created a well-established process for developing websites. However, because iGoMoon had to deal with an already migrated website, the project took an interesting turn this time.Artboard 1 copy 2

We met with Bio-Works for a strategic kick-off session to gain a holistic view of their challenge, and understand their pains and needs. As a result of this meeting, iGoMoon proposed a solution and compiled Bio-Works' wish list.

The goals

  1. Simplify the website's internal use.
  2. Increase visitor engagement by improving UX and UI. 
  3. Align the website's appearance with the brand guidelines.

The strategy

The main strategy included transforming the site structure from the UX perspective and providing consistent UX/UI with help of custom flexible modules, and connecting to HubDB.

The main tactics

  1. Reduce the number of modules and implement flexible custom modules. 
  2. Update product listing and single pages and develop them dynamically in HubDB.
  3. Align the condensed modules to the brand guidelines.
  4. ​​Conduct a content inventory.

The team zealously set to work under the guidance of a strategist. After the development of the strategy iGoMoon structured the main process: road mapped the project, defined milestones and deadlines, and cooked up the calendar.

infografik-bioworks [Recovered]_infographic


From the first touch to the last, the process took 2,5 months. The iGoMoon team's efforts resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Simplification of the website structure and management.
  • Improved UX for easy access to information for all target audiences.
  • Creating a user-friendly backend with flexible modules and templates.
  • Development of a HubDB architecture for many product categories and loads of downloadable documentation. It included rebuilding the database and the product presentation in HubDB.
  • Aligning with the new brand guide and improving the UI across the whole website.
  • CMS onboarding and training.

The launch of the new website was in the middle of November 2021. The transformation created spectacular effects. To evaluate the result, iGoMoon analyzed the data in terms of numbers over time, as well as how the Bio-Works team felt about their routines before and after the changes were made:


1). After the launch, the time costs of the Bio-Works team to work with the site decreased three times.

2). 15% increase in organic traffic in one month after the launch and continued to grow in the following months by 10% on average.


3). 43% reduction in bounce rate, which started to decrease immediately after the launch.


4). 69% increase in sessions for the topic cluster.


Following our onboarding process, the Bio-Works team gained a better grasp of how to operate with HubSpot more effectively and what other options the platform offers to help them grow their business and exceed expectations.


Our work had a meaningful impact on Bio-Works’ business processes. They were able to improve website performance and make the work of the entire team simpler. Old code, modules, and templates were replaced. These changes substantially decreased the time spent working with the site and a lot of manual work. 


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The website was given a fresh life when iGoMoon implemented a file cleaning. The Bio-Works team can now make speedy updates, without having to browse through an abundance of redundant and outdated modules and templates.

The website's harmonized sections were given a new look while adhering to the brand guidelines. Now, Bio-Works' website represents the innovation that they intended to demonstrate while remaining simple enough.
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Bio-Works and iGoMoon are still together working full speed on the new marketing and sales strategies and support. The new chapter includes onboarding in another HubSpot Hubs and integrating self-services on the website.

To be continued…

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