HRM Business Development is a company who believes in steady growth and progress. Both of themselves and their customers. But this is something you would find hard to believe if you logged on to their old website. With the help of iGoMoon, HRM modernized their organization’s image through an easily administered Wordpress website and a redesign.

Partner in Human Resource Management

HRM Business Development has offered companies need based services in Recruitment/Search, Interim Solutions, Individual Growth and Business Development since 2005. Their vision is “A Competence Competetive Sweden” and their mission is to develop people and organizations in order to help them reach their potential. HRM Businsess Development has currently have offices in Stockholm, Gotheburg and a partner in Malmö.


The Quest for the same Experience of Identity and Image

HRMs website was in need of a major overhaul. The company has grown and it was time for the website to portray HRM the right way. Their work is flexible, dynamic and efficient, while the website communicated other values. The goal primary goal of the new website was to give visitors the right impression by breathing development and energy, while being easy to administrate for HRM.


The process begun and HRM started looking around for a new Web Agency. iGoMoon was chosen after internal recommendations.



“It should feel like the computer is moving when you log on to our new website.”
- Angela Rossi, Head of Sales, HRM Business Development

HRM made it clear at the kickoff meeting that the website should give a more professional impression of the company. A visitor should feel warmth, curiosity and feel as if the site is just as dynamic as the company itself.


iGoMoon suggested opening up the site’s design by working with a large graphic design. By loosening up the design and working with a lot of white space, a visitor could more easily digest the information on the site, and they would get a more modern and professional impression of the company. The first page would work as the storefront, not the entire store. iGoMoon suggested building the website in Wordpress, which is an easily administered web platform, which HRM thought sounded like a great idea.


Good Communication = Love at First Design Proposal

iGoMoon returned to HRM with a design proposal that met their expecatations - and then some. After a few minor tweaks, a development period and a Wordpress onboarding class, HRM had a professional and dynamic website they could grow with.


”iGoMoon have been quick really understood our need. The tonality and layout of the website is right where we want it to be. Their personal apprach and proven will to fullfill our needs is nothing short of amazing.”
- Maja Fingalsson, CEO, HRM Business Development.