A discovery workshop is a first and most important step in any project. We delve into what the discovery phase entails and how we use it to develop a strategic growth plan for your business.


What is a discovery workshop?

A discovery workshop is an initial meeting where the key stakeholders gather to brainstorm and clarify the goals, requirements, and anticipated results. A Discovery workshop can be both the first meeting before the project, and an independent event where a customer growth strategy can be built.

A discovery workshop is a meeting between the strategist, team members, and the client. You’ll discuss the objectives, organize a plan, establish measurements for success, and outline and understand project requirements. You will also determine things such as the budget, timeline and other logistics.

The purpose and benefits of a discovery workshop

One of the benefits of a discovery workshop is that it helps participants to understand the action plan or project plan and expected outcomes. Other benefits include:

Gain a better understanding of client expectations

When starting a project, a discovery workshop gives the strategist/project manager and other team members the opportunity to discuss the project with the customers and ask questions about their priorities and expectations.

Establish what success means

During the workshop you’ll be able to discuss each person’s role within the further work or a project and how they can meet the outcomes.

Better strategy and project planning

A workshop allows you to define the strategy, develop a project plan and iron out important details, such as the budget and timeline.

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Highlight any potential risks

Identify and discuss the potential risks or blockers for the projects. You can also use this meeting to brainstorm solutions to resolve any issues effectively.

Clear communication

Transparency and good communication are key in any project. A workshop allows you to outline your client’s communication expectations, such as how they’d like to communicate (a meeting, phone call or via email) and how often.

Who should be in the workshop meeting?

The strategist or project manager is in charge of leading the discovery. They will also set the agenda and guide the discussion to ensure that all the important aspects are discussed.

The client will also attend the workshop, as well as key members of the team, such as growth strategists, developers, marketers and designers.

Common objectives of a discovery workshop

A workshop is an opportunity to define clear goals. The customer will explain their expectations and the project manager will share the skills and capabilities of the team for achieving those goals. Some of the desired and expected outputs from a discovery workshop are:

SMART goal setting

Using the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) method, you can define goals and ensure that the customer is setting realistic and achievable expectations for the team.

Defining the budget

Determining the budget during the discovery phase helps to understand the priorities of the further work or a project. It also ensures that everyone is clear on the expected costs so that there can be allocated the right resources.

Setting the timeline

With a timeline, you’re able to identify key milestones. Milestones are key indicators of whether you are progressing toward the overall outcome. If you work on a project you’ll also set the final completion date and identify any factors that may affect the team from meeting that deadline.

Determining what success means

Here you’ll discuss how you plan on measuring the success of the outcomes. Some common measurements of success are staying within the agreed timeline and budget or the quality of the finished product.

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