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Let's Not Crash Your Website by: Hiring the Wrong Agency

By Mattias Grönborg | 2016.02.20

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Most companies don't have an internal department which solves all the challenenges that comes with a website redesign project, and need to bring in external help. And that's where the problem starts for many. Who do I turn to? What should I look for in an agency? Let's dive in and find out!


Don't Let the Price Fool You

Today most people know someone who can develop a website. I don't know how often we have heard "I know a web developer who can code our website". I understand it may be tempting to choose juse that developer when the price tag is pretty cheap - at least initially.


Focus on Your Customers

The problem is that web developers tend to focus on building functional and attractive websites. They often jump over the market focusing steps, such as creating a profile for the ideal customer and analysing statistics. So even if you know someone who is good at building websites, that kind of cooperation has a best before date.


Look for a Future-Proof Agency

When you start to look for an agency it is important to remember that the website is no longer just an item that needs to be checked off on the to-do list - the truth is that your website will never be finished. It is a constantly on going process, and tinkering with details will never stop. You need a future-proof agency who understands that a website is a living marketing tool.


Choose an Agency Who:

  • asks for goals and strategy before the design discussion starts.
  • has a desire to understand your business and your ideal customers.
  • has an understanding of the whole marketing strategy and how design is related to marketing and sales.
  • is able to describe how the contents of the site will be connected with the different parts of the buying process.


If you are looking for more website redesing tips we recommend to download this guide.


Download the guide

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