People love to talk about themselves. But think about it like this: if you meet a person who is all me-me-me and blabbers on about themselves, would you feel comfortable? Would you feel like this person really cares about you? The answer should be no. It could be yes, but it really should be no.


Don't talk about yourself

Your site is not a place where you should talk about yourself, even though it is your businesses website. The truth is that a website today is no longer just a digital business card. Today the site is a marketing and sales tool that will help you communicate with your potential and existing customers. A modern website aims to solve your ideal clients' daily problems.


Get to know your customers

It's important to determine who your ideal customers are. You need to know what their roles, responsibilities, goals and challenges are - both professionally and privately. These ideal clients are the basis for many of your decisions in the Web project.


Humans make decisions B2B

To skip the clarification of the ideal customer, means that your site will not convert new leads and bring in new business. The bottom line? You will not achieve your SMART goals. Something that still amazes me is when stakeholders tell me "We work B2B so this and that doesn't work here". I can tell you that the difference between B2C or B2B is a thin line today. Humans make decisions. Stop drawing lines in the sand and start marketing in the year we live in.

Check list for the ideal customer:

  • Do your homework and create as many ideal customers as your company needs.
  • Talk to your dream clients to understand their habits and challenges.
  • Create content for each dream customer as well as the respective steps in the buying process.
  • Create offers and calls-to-action with a clear purpose to move the client further down the sales funnel.

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