When you are redesigning your website, you can’t keep all of your old stuff. It’s like moving into a new apartment. Most of the old stuff that you have from your previous apartment probably won't fit in the new apartment, so you have to throw some old stuff out, or make some changes to them if you really want to keep them.


Recycle bottles - not texts

Most people who redesign their website will remember how many hours was spent writing texts and working on the content on their existing site. That's why it's tempting to just take these old texts and use them on the new site. This is often wrong, since there are changes in the structure and functionality of the new site.


Good content is the right content

It’s not just static pages to take into account here. The Content strategy also includes the blog, white papers, and guides. In the end, good content is the same as right content (context is everything) to the visitor. It’s important to find the balance between different types of content on your site. If you for example choose to work a lot with video and illustrations, you can afford to write long texts once in a while. There is also a strong SEO advantage to publishing updated content on the site, since Google sees it as more relevant when it is updated frequently.


Checklist for content

  • Rewrite and adapt content to fit the new site.
  • Write texts that aim to convert.
  • Update your blog strategy.
  • Ensure that you have the right downloadable guides and whitepapers.


Looking for more website redesing tips?

Then I recommend you to download our redesign guide below. Do you have any questions we can assist you with please contact us here.