#Månresan episode 129: KICK-OFF AT SMÅDALARÖ GÅRD

By Mattias Grönborg | 2018.09.11

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This day was spent at Smådalarö Gård where we had this years second kick-off. I did a recap on this years goal and talked about where we are at the moment in relation to our goal. We did a couple of practical exercises that Tommy Roos held that were focused on the individual. 


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By Mattias Grönborg


The captain of this rocketing adventure. He has crafted this agency through sleeping on an a IKEA couch between a wine-cellar and a garbage room and by not hesitating to hand our back rubs to his employees.

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Företagande ligger i utförandet - åtminstone om du frågar Mattias. Vem som helst kan få en idé, men bara ett fåtal kan genomföra dem. Efter 15 års arbete inom försäljning, bestämde han sig för att börja sin egen resa.

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