#Månresan episode 130: WORKLOAD AND STRESS

By Mattias Grönborg | 2018.10.04

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Monday morning and I'm back from the "Inbound days" in Boston with HubSpot. We start the week with breakfast and an M3-meeting as usual. Right now we do a lot of improvements internally with our processes to create more efficient project planning and reduce stress.

If you don't plan, you plan to fail. A lot of our stress doesn't come from the actual workload. It comes from the lack of teamwork, trying to do it all on your own, which mean you will end up running around in circles not knowing what's important.


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By Mattias Grönborg


The captain of this rocketing adventure. He has crafted this agency through sleeping on an a IKEA couch between a wine-cellar and a garbage room and by not hesitating to hand our back rubs to his employees.

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