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Another fabulous week at iGoMoon. We have recruited four new team members during the spring, thus I thought it could be a good idea to present them in today's episode.


First out we have Mark. Mark joined us as a digital strategist and his focus is to level up our senior game on the strategy side. He is also a very marketing savvy person and a great developer.

Then we have Roberta who joined us from Hubspot in Dublin. Or, Dubspot as they say. Roberta's role is to help our customers develop their sales and marketing around Hubspot. Her business card says: "Business developer".

The third person is Åsa and she joined us as an IMC/team leader. The team leaders main responsibility at iGoMoon is happy customers, a happy team, project management, and budget/KPI.

The fourth person is Unni who joined us earlier this year as an intern. Her internship was a ​pure success so it felt great when she decided to join månresan full time.


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