Scandinavian Aviation Academy is Sweden’s premier training provider for commercial airline pilots. While SAA receive a high amount of applicants each year, they had a hard time providing prospective students with the right content about their training program and finding the time to grow their business, not just run it.

With a website redesign, HubSpot development from iGoMoon and a commitement to the Growth-Driven Design process, SAA are on their way to leaving their competition on the runway. 

Scandinavian Aviation Academy SAA has been operating since 1963 and train their pilots in San Diego, USA and Västerås, Sweden (pronounced Westeros. Not as bloody and there are no dragons - that we know of). After completing an 18 month training period with SAA, pilots will have the certifications and flight-hours needed to become a commercial airline pilot.

The old website ran on a number of different systems. With a small marketing and sales department, they simply could not afford to spend their time on duties that can be automated.

“We had a different system for everything. CRM, email, you name it. It was a nightmare. That’s why we chose HubSpot. A powerful tool that fits everything in one box.”


- Stein Mjåtveit, Director of Marketing, SAA

When SAA met iGoMoon

SAA had researched HubSpot for about 9 months before making the call. HubSpot recommended iGoMoon, which SAA is thankful for: “We got a great impression after the first meeting. It was really important to us that we found the right partner for this kind of project". Stein describes it like getting married. You can’t rush into it. There has to be some dating, meet-and-greet with the parents and maybe get a cat. Then you can go ahead and get a website - I mean married.


Gentlemen - start your lead generation

Making the decision to become a pilot is a big one. Many of the students Stein and his crew have trained over the years have been dreaming about flying from a young age. “They are highly motivated, interested and driven. They want to know everything about the challenges and rewards that comes with being a pilot”. Which makes SAA’s ideal customers ideal for the inbound marketing methodology.

But what kind of content are they looking for? iGoMoon suggested launching the website within 6 weeks to get the process going and then take it from there. At first, the launchpad site focused on generating leads. But now that it’s in orbit, it has become all about nurturing them.


SAA first month

June 7th - 30th, 2016




548 new contacts in 3 weeks

Post- launch, the site saw a drastic increase in traffic, a landing page conversion rate of over 50% and 548 new contacts: all in a three week window (June 7 through 30th, 2016).

The lead generating machine: a test called Become a Pilot. The idea is to shed the old misconceptions about what it takes to become a pilot. By taking the test, the lead is sorted into a workflow based on their answers and invited to Pilot Open Day - an information evening about the pilot program.


“We have the tools we need to know which leads to nurture and which to neglect. Our website not only looks great but is fully equipped to help us grow.”


Up, up and away

SAA has embraced the Growth-Driven Design Process. The HubSpot platform has started the long, but rewarding process, of continuously improving their website, creating the perfect content for their prospects and taking their company as far as their wings - and HubSpot - allows them to.


Visit SAA's new website by clicking here


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