It’s bad for any company when their website is messy. But it’s especially tough when you are a cleaning company. Their site needed a cleanup, and the spark between them and their old web agency was lost. But after getting in touch with iGoMoon they found the help and hunger they were looking for in an agency and successfully completed their website redesign.


Who are Stockholms Städsystem?

Stockholms Städsystem is a professional cleaning company that has been operating in Stockholm since 1968. They provide companies with authorized cleaners who take care of their offices. They value quality, their employees well-being and good long term-relationships with their customers over everything else.


A Messy Website


Städsystem no longer felt that their website gave them the clean image that their company represented and got in touch with their old web agency. But what they suggested - didn't feel right.


Our old agency weren’t really interested in updating the website, but rather start investing money into Google adwords which we felt didn’t really mesh with our company. We spent a ton of money each month on a website that didn’t go anywhere. It was time for a change.


- Eric Unevik
Partner, Stockholms Städsystem


4 other agencies

They contacted 4 other web agencies. Two of them answered their emails. And one of them was iGoMoon.


Forefront Approach to Inbound Marketing

The forefont approach to inbound marketing is what appealed to us the most. The fact that our marketing now would be in our own hands, and not Google’s. Then we need a reliable partner that can support us long term. The financial leasing aspect in iGoMoon's standard website package is of course great as well. Keeping the cash liquidity while getting a brand new website is an innovative way to support your customers.


A Running Start and a Rough Patch

The process started great. The whole team came out to their Farsta office and the project got a running start, and Städsystem felt like they had finally found their match. Then came a bit of a rough patch where some of the crew-members were replaced during the ride, which slowed everything down.


It's a Process That Never Stops 

But it didn’t hurt the finished product. Granted, it did take more than 4 weeks to complete the redesign, but that is because Stockholms Städsystem really wanted everything to be perfect - which it still isn’t. And that is the right approach to building a website. It’s not a check in a box: it’s a process that never stops.


iGoMoon knows the difference in building a website for services and for products. They have a modern approach, the right strategies in place and are always available.


Are You Looking for a Website Redesign?

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