Professionals who have taken part in our engaging discovery workshops and used our detailed revenue playbooks have experienced remarkable changes in their approach, leading to tangible results in their careers and businesses.

We've hade the pleasure to help out Custellence recently. custellence_logoCustellence works with Customer Journey Mapping, and they're a great team with a fantastic solution for big business looking to unlock their CX potential, and to design exceptional customer experiences - that deliver real results.

Custellence needed help implementing HubSpot Sales Hub and Marketing Hub. So we at iGoMoon did what we did best, and it all started with a Discovery. During our time together we found a lot of new ways for Custellence to drive revenue, and could after our discovery workshop set up the system in a correct way that would fit their needs. After the implementation project came to an end, we were eager to know what Custellence thought of it all. How did the workshop help to drive the project, and did the revenue playbook create value for the team?

Let's find out! We asked Sabina, CCO at Custellence.


How do you think the workshop and revenue playbook can help you in gaining more leads and drive revenue for Custellence? 
- The workshop and revenue playbook got us more structured, and we’re also saving time now, by being able to manage automations better in the system. 

Q: Can you provide specific examples of how the workshop and the revenue playbook have brought about new insights or strategies that have positively impacted your take on lead generation and revenue growth?
 - We’re now able to measure and follow up on prospects automatically. And the work so far is amazing. We’re just in the beginning of our work, so I can’t really tell anything regarding the results we’ve gotten, but I’m sure it will come as we’re learning a lot about HubSpot and its possibilities. And we’re also in the process of adding resources to marketing and sales, we have high expectations!

Q: In what ways have the workshop helped you uncover new and helpful approaches to navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within your industry? 
- We have been able to decide and define clear goals and KPI:s. We’re all agreeing that this will make it easier to work, and focus, on our activities. It will also be more clear on what to prioritize.

Q: Have there been any notable realizations or key takeaways from the workshop and revenue playbook? 
- Overall, it’s been really great to get expert help regarding strategy and tactics. Plus, we’ve gained invaluable concrete and practical support in how to set everything up in HubSpot CRM. And seeing all the opportunities that exists, when it comes to bringing together marketing, sales, and customers.

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