As we all know, things don’t always go as planned. But surprisingly enough, our story with TBS pretty much is a textbook example of the principles of inbound marketing. They were looking to redesign their website, give it a modern look, hook it up to HubSpot and apply an inbound marketing strategy. And how did our paths cross? Through one of our former customers - who has feelings for us.



Who are TBS?

TBS is one of Sweden’s oldest independent media agencies who has operated in Scandinavia for over 25 years. They specialize in helping retail companies select what channels to place their advertising in order to get the highest return of investment as possible.


An outdated website 

While TBS has been on top of the Swedish Media Mountain for many years, sipping coffee with other leading agencies and enjoying the view that you only can truly enjoy once you have reached the peak, they seem to have forgotten their website at the bottom of the mountain. When they realized this, the hunt for a new web agency began.


“Our website was old and hard to use both as an administrator and as a visitor. After doing some research we realized that we not only needed a more modern-looking website, but a HubSpot website” - Christian Forsman, CEO, TBS


Word of mouth

Christian started out by asking around among his friends and colleagues to see if they had any experience with this. And after talking to a friend, who had recently built a HubSpot website with the help of a digital agency, he gave iGoMoon a call.


Relationship driven agency

The first thing that struck him was how many people showed up at each and every meeting. At first he thought “Wow, this must be a very expensive way to do business.” But now he has changed his mind. He gets to know everyone in the process, he puts a face next to the name and when he gets a phone call it doesn’t say “Sofie iGoMoon”, but her entire name. And TBS is exactly the same way. They love relationships - not one time flings.


In orbit and open for business

TBS’s brand new Hubspot website is now officially in orbit fueled by an inbound marketing game plan. But our journey doesn’t stop there. This is when all the fun begins. Now we will work with TBS to perfect their game plan to develop relationships, find leads and close new business. It’s going to be quite the challenge - but that is why we are in this business.

“If you are thinking about working with inbound marketing, which perhaps is the most important way of marketing yourself in B2B, iGoMoon is a great agency.”