We have some new friends on the Moon. Meet Bio-Works, an innovative producer of chromatography solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. We are very excited to welcome them as our new partner on board the moonshot journey and to get the flywheel spinning to help Bio-Works grow better.


What Bio-Works does and how they help their customers

Bio-Works is involved in research and development, manufacturing and supply of innovative products used to separate proteins and other biomolecules.

The Bio-Works team has experience within the Swedish Life science industry and are specialized in resins for separation and purification.

The challenges Bio-Works is facing

In today’s market, maintaining a successful business that can weather the ups and downs of the economy can be a tricky job. You've worked hard to establish your company and brand, and you've found your niche market to pour your resources into. Your hard work is paying off but, if you’re like many businesses, you may be falling behind in one area-your website.

If you feel like your business website is falling behind, let's set up an exploratory call and see where we can help.

Like many of our customers and businesses we consult with, a lack of in-house resources and specific HubSpot experience means Bio-Works isn’t using their website as the selling-machine it could be. When they came to the Moon the sentiment about their current business website was that “it’s an old site that needs to become more functional, but migrating from WordPress to HubSpot already took all our resources” and “we have too small a team to properly work with the website at the same time as running other lead-generating activities”.

We live in a digital age and your website is your number one marketing asset. People spend on average 23.6 hours online per week and are on their mobile devices for up to five hours per day. So it’s important that you have an optimized website no matter your industry.

We believe that having a well-optimized website is like having a 24/7 salesperson. It’s the sales rep that works for you while you sleep, play, serve customers, spend time with your family or work in the business. For many companies like Bio-Works, there’s no longer a front door to walk through that offers your customers a first impression. Your website is a digital reflection of your business, and often the first place your target audience will come into contact with you and what you offer. We want to make sure your customers have the best possible experience of your business from the start.

What to expect from the partnership between Bio-Works and iGoMoon

Bio-Works have recently migrated their business website from WordPress to HubSpot’s CMS and have some templates and modules that are unfortunately not working. With a lack of HubSpot expertise and in-house resources, Bio-Works is looking for a partner to help.

Enter, iGoMoon.

Certain pages of the website are challenging to navigate and as a result, visitors struggle to find relevant information which can cause a significant loss of qualified leads. Using the growth-driven design (GDD) approach, we will help Bio-Works use their site as a tool for inbound marketing and help skyrocket their lead generation.

How Bio-Works inspires us at the Moon

Bio-Works are the leaders in their field, and we love their determination to enhance people’s quality of life through their innovative applications. They are a company that reminds us that when we are brave enough to challenge the industry standard, we’re able to help build the better world we believe in.

Bio-Works’ mission is to make important medicines available to everyone. That is why we provide the pharmaceuticals industry with tools that enable a more cost-effective manufacturing to help enhance people’s quality of life. From Uppsala, Sweden to the rest of the world. We make purification simple."

- Jonathan, CEO at Bio-Works

Want to know more about Bio-Works? Visit their website and watch this space for more news and updates.