Our first Australian mate has arrived on the Moon, and we are so excited! He is an accomplished freelancer and will now shine in our team. Let’s get to know Frank and see if we ever get the answer of which is better, Sweden or Australia?


How did you find out about iGoMoon and what encouraged you to apply for a job here?

I just moved to Stockholm and I wanted to work in a role that would “initiate” me into Sweden. There were a few jobs that I had applied for (I wish i could say that I had been longing for iGoMoon before I came here), but when I got the interview, I instantly fell in love with the fun and dedicated culture here.


And what did you do before you joined our team?

I was a freelancer, I ran my own solo web development business. Before then I was a coach, specialising in personal and business relationships, I had received a message asking if I could help a mate out with his new website, and then people kept on asking me to help... from there I started a new business and I had been working for myself and mostly by myself since 2015.


So, you are used to working by yourself,  what are your expectations on working in a team?

Well it’s been different, that’s for sure! Truth is, I didn't really know what to expect. I was a bit afraid of working within a team (I can be a bit set in my way at times), but from what I saw before I started, it was such a close knit team, and I knew this could really work.


So, do we live up to your expectations? Drum roll….

Beyond! Even though I'm the “the guy that doesn’t speak Swedish yet” I feel so welcome as part of the team here, so free to share ideas and to do what I do best. Hard not to love a place like that.


What are you most looking forward to during your journey with us?

Seeing where it will go. I have no bias when it comes to where this journey will end, I’m just up for a great adventure! I’m a true believer that a team as a whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. I wonder what greatness we can create together here :D 



More about you 

You are from Australia, how did you end up in Sweden?

By plane of course. But the reason behind it is simple…. Love (super corny answer right?). The truth is that I got sick of doing a long-distance relationship and I knew that if this was gonna work, then I’d need to make the big move (and yep she is definitely worth it).


Who is Frank? Describe yourself in one sentence:

Just an average guy who trying to be the best man he can with a mind that doesn’t stop (always ticking and looking for the next project to do 🤯) 


What  does a perfect Frank-weekend look like?

A weekend with friends and family. A day starting off with some bushwalking and exploring a new area (even better if it’s a nice day and there's a place to swim) and then come back and have a bbq with some beers, good music and great company.

Some quick questions:

Favorite dish?

...Wait a minute, you mean i only get one?!?! Fine…. Fettuccine Alfredo with Bacon


Listen to…

Mostly rock, but anything with that has a good beat and I can lose myself in as I work. Anything to help me get in the zone. Aussie rock, Elvis, Rat pack, 90s.


What will you do this summer?

This will be my first summer in Sweden so I'm looking forward to experiencing it as much as possible! I can't tell you how much I’m loving the long days already :D 


What is the best thing about Sweden?

Other than my Josefin being here, fika, long summer days and a great public transport system.


What is the best thing about Australia?

Other than the family being there, the heat, the beaches and the unique landscape. It’s the little things you notice. Believe it or not, when I found out that Sweden sells Eucalyptus chewing gum I bought several packs because the smell alone reminds me of Oz.


And the final question, Sweden or Australia?

My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question…..