The jungle is a dangerous place. The word “jungle” itself carries connotations of untamed and uncontrollable nature and isolations from civilization, along with the emotions: threat, confusion, powerlessness disorientation and immobilization. For me, as a newly baked digital communications bachelor student, talking my first steps in the digital agency iGoMoon was like shoving yourself into this untamed jungle full of treacherous things awaiting your first miss step.

So, how did I survive the first two weeks? I have no clue, but here are some tips that will help you cope with the beginning of your digital agency career.


Walk in the footsteps of others and stay close

When you take your first steps into this unexplored field of work, follow those whom have been here for years. At iGoMoon the majority of the employees have been here for a while and they know what they’re doing and how to get it done for their client. Taking mental notes on how others do their work not only helps you understand how to do your job well, it also gives you insights of what is expected of you.


Don’t be afraid of asking your Jungle Guide tons of questions

When you’re a rookie like me, questions you may have can feel overwhelming. It is important to go through each question to see if you can answer it yourself - initiative is highly appreciated! Although, if you’re not sure about something, it’s always best to ask of course. Someone more experienced in the jungle will have an answer or at least guide you on the right path so you avoid getting stung by something. Don’t be stubborn and think that you’ll dodge everything coming your way, it’s better to ensure you’re doing things right the first time. This will help you save time.


Don’t expect to be home to dinner at 6 p.m.

In the jungle it gets dark very quickly. The thickness of the trees and vegetation (or in the non-jungle reality - the amount of fun work) cover the light of day before you know it. Some of the days I look at the watch and somehow it is already 6 p.m. Everyone here loves what they’re doing and are willing to stay late until the work is done. If you are a person looking for more settled work hours, a digital agency might not be the best place for you.


Know your tools and know them well

You ain’t gettin’ nowhere without your ‘machete’ a.k.a your laptop, and of course it's not a PC, its Mac for days. To be able to maneuver yourself through this sticky and brushy environment you’ll need to be able to quickly get your hands dirty and learn to appropriately use a MacBook. I am a PC kind of guy, and coming from that background I was hit by a fever, a most inconvenient but common symptom in the jungle.

Knowing your ways around Apple’s different softwares and features will help you immensely since this digital agency industry breathes Apple and pity the fool whom still preaches Microsoft.


Get to know the expedition crew

Remember, you’re not alone. Although iGoMoon is a small agency, whether it is design, development, marketing or sales, everyone onboard works together to give the client the best product. The better you know the crew, the easier it is to get stuff done when it comes to crunch time. Besides, you’ll end up getting to know some really great people who turn work into more fun.

The digital agency industry can be a bit intimidating at first. But there you have it, following these tips might help you survive your first two weeks in the jungle.



Will I survive...?

If you have any tips on how to keep yourself alive in my situation, please drop a comment below and stay tuned for my next post if I manage to stay alive...