We’ve just started our HubSpot CRM implementation journey with Humly. One of their biggest challenges is that their teams work on different systems, which doesn’t allow them to have a complete overview of their customers as each team’s insights and data are stored on the system they use. To solve this problem, they knew they needed one system that would allow them to understand their customers better and be more efficient. We spoke to Humly's Chief Commercial Officer, Kristoffer Hedram to find out about their HubSpot journey with iGoMoon.

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Tell us a bit about Humly and your role at the company.

I'm in charge of sales and marketing at Humly, specifically making sure that we get a lot of applications coming in through our website. Humly is a digital marketplace, for schools and nurseries, and of course, educators. The main problem we as a company would like to solve is to lower the threshold for making sure that schools and nurseries get a good supply of teachers coming in. We know that there is a huge demand for good teachers and people who would love to work in schools and nurseries. We connect the needs of the schools and nurseries, with the flexibility and the potential from people that would love to make a difference in schools. So, our digital marketplace connects all the teachers with the schools.  

What are some of the challenges your team is facing and what made you decide to go with HubSpot?

So this has been an ongoing discussion internally for many years. We are working with a lot of different systems and have been doing so in the Swedish market for many years. For example, our customer support uses one system and then for our marketing campaigns we use another system. We also have a third system for our support team and a fourth system for our sales team. The problem with this is that we don't get this overview of the client or the customer. It becomes more or less like silos. So, the support team has their insights on the customer and the sales team has their insights on the customer, but we don't have a complete overview of the customer. That was the main reason for us to start looking into different types of CRMs and different types of solutions that could help us with that. 

And then looking ahead, when we start to integrate or start to migrate companies in the UK, the need for one system that is more globalized is important, to use one system. So, that is the main reason why we chose HubSpot. For us it was really important to have a partner or to have a system that has many clients and has clients in many different markets, which is a guarantee for quality. 

We did a lot of research before implementing the HubSpot platform, which has been really helpful for us to understand, because we need the platform to be compliant in many ways - from a GDPR perspective, security, to the needs of the sales representatives and the marketing team. When we had those types of workshops together with HubSpot and iGoMoon, we thought that this service or this platform would be really helpful for the things that we would love to achieve.

“We needed the platform to be compliant in many ways - from a GDPR perspective, security, to the needs of the sales representatives and the marketing team.”

Which HubSpot hubs will you be using?

We are implementing the CRM, so the Marketing Enterprise to utilize the custom behavioral events feature for our customer success team. 

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We’re so excited to be working with you on this project. What made you decide to go with iGomoon?

We needed a partner that could understand really in-depth how we can get the best usage and how we can use HubSpot in the best way. So that was really important. Your team had a good way of thinking about the development process and how you would work together with us on this project. I had some talks with former clients or current clients, that really gave me a good impression. They were really happy and satisfied with the collaboration and that was really important, from my perspective, when we decided to use iGoMoon as a HubSpot partner.

What has it been like working with iGoMoon thus far?

I've had a really good impression from the start. Your team is responsive and work at a fast-pace and doing stuff quite fast has been proven correct. Working with the team at iGoMoon has been really good and as two companies we are on the same wavelength and we understand each other quite well. I really like the fast feedback and way of working. I like the way that iGoMoon works in short sprints because that is the way we need to look at this migration or implementation project because things will happen where we need to redirect what we decided upon. 

Another thing I think is really important is that I think that the iGoMoon team is humble and knowledgeable and have a lot of experience, and I respect that in a really good way. It makes me quite comfortable as a customer. I can leave a lot of questions to them because I know that they will be handled in a good way. They genuinely like to help, so that is not something that they just say, it's actually something that is shown in the way that we communicate in the way that we have our meetings. So I think that is a really good thing because this is a journey for us but equally it is also a journey for iGoMoon and that is really nice to share that journey together. They see that this is a challenge for them as well that they would love to embrace. So my experience so far has been really good. The project will move on up until the summer where we have some deadlines going further but up until now we have been working for some weeks now and it has been really really good.

“The iGoMoon team is humble and knowledgeable and have a lot of experience.It makes me quite comfortable as a customer.”

We’ll be catching up with the teams at a later stage for some interesting insights about this project as it progresses - so stay tuned for that. You can find out more about some of our other projects on our customer page.

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