We welcome our newest intern, Tibah Al-Saaid to the crew. Like many of our crew members who started as interns, Tibah is going to be with us for an 8-week web developer internship. We're overjoyed that she's chosen to grow her skills and come work with us to help make the world a more united place.

Victoria on the left, Tibah on the right. iGoMoon's new team members

What did you do before you landed on the moon? :)

I’ve been studying and working with graphic design.

Tell us a little about your internship and education! What are you most looking forward to learning during your internship here?

I’m currently studying web development at IT-Högskolan. I just started my third semester where I will spend about 8 weeks as an intern at iGoMoon. I’m really looking forward to getting to know how it really feels to work as a web developer, to practice what I’ve learned so far and to expand my knowledge.

How did you find out about iGoMoon and what encouraged you to apply for an internship here?

I found iGoMoon on LinkedIn, I thought the name was unique and intriguing. I visited iGoMoon’s website, social platforms and watched a couple of vlogs on YouTube. iGoMoon’s visions and the good vibes I got from the company encouraged me to apply for the internship.

Let's get to know Tibah better

How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself a lively and happy person who loves to be a part of the reason for big smiles on people's faces.

What do you do in your spare time?

I usually spend time with my family and friends.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?

I have 5 tattoos, a half sleeve on my left arm and two small tattoos on my right arm :)

Tibah and other new crew members at iGoMoon onboarding

A fun speed round:

If I could choose one superpower, that would be…Telepathy

A hidden talent of mine is…Having a really good memory

At the top of my bucket list is…Skydiving

One thing I can’t live without is…Energy drinks

My favorite season is…Spring

If you're interested in working at iGoMoon and want to know more about our selection process, take a look at our careers page.