Art Director
Master Bläster

Andreas Uneby

He’s one cool designer. Sweden is often described as a place run by polar bears, where the sun shines for about 30 seconds a year and everyone loves the cold. Those are all huge misconceptions - if we are talking about Sweden in general. But if we are talking about Norrbotten, where Andreas hails from, it is kind of, sort of not that far away from the truth.

He’s got the touch. It might be because Boden is dark most of the year, and his next door neighbor was a tree. He dreamed of living in galaxies far far away from us, and illustrated it with the preciseness and craftsmanship of Picasso and spirit of an excited wookie. The man knows how to wield a brush.

Coffee, coffee, coffee. After finishing his bachelor he took his talents to Piteå, but felt like it was time to move down to Stockholm and see what all the fuss is about. Regardless of where he is, three things are for sure: there will be coffee, beautiful work and a bunch of hearty laughs.