Göran Berggren

Hubspot Developer

He’s all about that bass. Göran, Or Goran Imperator, the stage name most metalheads in the nordics and Germany calls him is one of a kind. The smooth fingered, lanky framed developer from the Southern Suburbs of Stockholm has always been about that bass - and doesn't have any plans on stopping soon.

He’s a real screener. If you visit our office, chances are that you will see Göran behind a screen with everything from fast paced rock to doe-eyed Disney tunes in his ears. And that he won’t move an inch, but somehow still feel like he’s all over the place. Everything he does is fast. He walks fast, talks fast, drinks fast, and develops web faster than a cheetah on espresso.

Click, click, click. When he's not slapping the bass at electrifying speeds across Europe, he works as a doorman at our office. He sleeps pretty - you guessed it - fast, so when we get here, he has already been here for hours. That's our little Göris.