Front-end developer / Designer
Full Frontal developer

Martin Blomqvist

He’s almost a cop. Martin has thought about changing his last name to Beck - but he never did. After spending hours watching Beck and his colleagues dishing out justice and cuffing bad guys, he thought that would be a pretty cool way to spend his days.

He’s kinda funny like that. Most of his free time is spent working in photoshop, making funny designs for his friends and that's when he decided to start hammering on the front end instead of busting criminals.

Pow, pow, pow. Martin just gets stuff done. Most of the time he just agrees to do stuff because they sound cool, but he has no idea of how to do them. Then he not only learns, but he adds his own sauce to the mix, just because it’s a tiny bit more awesome. It has that extra Pow-Pow factor.

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