Skyrocketing growth for Badrumsbesiktningar through Hubspot CMS and app development

How do you turn a static website into a marketing powerhouse and achieve 90 new conversions and a 70% decrease in admin time in a quarter? Learn how Badrumsbesiktningar accomplished this by teaming up with iGoMoon to solve their business challenges.


Badrumsbesiktningar is leading within inspection of wetrooms in Stockholm, Sweden. In the highly competitive market and with no marketing team at their disposal they needed modern and easy-to-use tools at hand to generate leads and new business. To maintain their status as leading within their market they also needed ways to ensure the quality of their work. They teamed up with iGoMoon to redesign the website into a dynamic powerhouse and to develop a solution to streamline and secure the quality of the work processes.

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The problem

Firstly they had a hard time generating traffic and new leads through the old website. Secondly there were no work processes in place which caused the administrative work to be extremely time consuming and the onboarding for new employees to be overly complicated.

The solution

For the ease of use the Hubspot CMS was the obvious choice. The new website was developed with SEO top-of-mind, complete with a blog and knowledge hub to drive more traffic to the website and with various conversion paths to generate leads.

The solution for improving the work processes was an app. A checklist was created for the inspectors to go through on a mobile device during the inspection. This ensures the same high quality every time. Booking, confirmations, invoices and inspection records were streamlined through integrations.

We see iGoMoon as the perfect agency for us which and in addition to delivering what was requested, they come up with suggestions and ideas that made the development much better.

Sajad Mirkhalafi, Badrumsbesiktningar AB

The result

Both the new website and the app has provided the team at Badrumsbesiktningar new ways to work towards achieving their sales goals. During the first ten months post-launch we saw a rapid increase in performance and a 70% decrease in administration time - a “hallelujah moment” to quote the client.

  • 700+ new conversions
  • 60% increase in users
  • 10% decrease in bounce rate


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