Building a sales ready website to help skyrocket Barium’s lead generation

How iGoMoon redesigned Barium's website to increase their lead gen and website success.


Our overall goal was to attract new users to their website and encourage them to try their digital process automation software. 

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The problem

Prior to working with iGoMoon, Barium’s website was not optimized for lead generation or search engines. They were ready to start growing but their website was not yet acting like their number one sales person.

Barium was also looking for support deploying HubSpot’s marketing automation software and integrating it into their existing website set up. This required very specific expertise – but before all of this could happen, the websites needed to be redesigned.

The solution

Barium struggled without a highly search optimized website and an extensive content and lead nurture strategy. They needed a growth marketing specialist agency like iGoMoon. We guided them through the process, built their website from scratch and educated and supported them with the HubSpot software before, during and after their launch.

The result

This resulted in a crisp new website design and an increase in website visitors. 







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