Building a sales ready website to establish Dialogtrail as the SWE market leader of conversational commerce

iGoMoon built a sales ready website to establish Dialogtrail as the SWE market leader of conversational commerce.


What Dialogtrail needed was a new and updated website for their brand. Their biggest challenge was that their customers had difficulty understanding their product and the value it provides. As their product is highly innovative and new in the market, the goal was to make their brand engaging and fun, to attract new users to try their platform. 

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The problem

Dialogtrail were at a place in their growth journey where they were ready to invest in their business website. They wanted to take their site to the next level.
However, the team did not have the in-depth HubSpot CMS and UX experience when they previously built their website themselves and this meant that it wasn’t working for them anymore. They needed something that would allow them to grow into it and that had flexibility to grow their business and website without friction. 

Dialogtrail would struggle without a highly search optimized website and an extensive content and lead nurture strategy. They needed a growth marketing consultancy specialist like iGoMoon to guide them through the process, build their website from scratch and educate and support them with the HubSpot CMS software before, during and after their sales ready website launch.

The solution

The solution to help Dialogtrail stand out from their competitors by creating a brand signalling the adjectives of; playful, cool, modern, and premium. 

Conversational commerce is about delivering convenience, personalization, and decision support while people are on the go, with only partial attention to spare. Dialogtrail needed to create a website that would be timeless and capture this sense of a conversational “chat” in an abstract way. 


“To meet the expectations of your audience, you have to approach them in a way that responds to their individual needs and wants. And that’s just what iGoMoon have enabled us to do”.

Axel, Marketing Manager at Dialogtrail

The result

A sales ready website that offers flexibility and adaptability to the team working within it, as well as a visually appealing website that supports their ambitions of becoming the market leader in conversational commerce. 


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