How we onboarded Expando and helped them increase Lead Generation with HubSpot

How iGoMoon helped expando increase lead generation with HubSpot.


Our overall goal was to attract new users to their website and encourage them to try their platform. We want to help Expando make even more possible. 

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Our delivery

The problem

Prior to working with iGoMoon, Expando’s website was not optimized for lead generation or search engines.

Expando was also looking for support deploying HubSpot’s marketing automation software and integrating it into their existing website set up. This required very specific expertise – but before all of this could take place, the websites needed to be reviewed in line with best practice.

The solution

The iGoMoon team started by onboarding HubSpot Marketing Hub. This included creating landing pages and email templates. 

Having implemented HubSpot, the team then devised a content strategy. This strategy involved high-quality, informative content for every stage of the buyer’s journey to attract people to the website and convert them into leads.

To amplify the website and content even further, the iGoMoon team promoted across specific social media channels, amplifying Expando’s reach. 

4,000+lead nurture emails sent out to drive contacts through the buyer journey.

iGoMoon are fantastic to work with! They are really responsive and get what I mean even though I might not know it myself. They are transforming our thoughts into actions through our growth-partnership process and that is exactly what we need. I give them my very best recommendations!

Elin Skarin, Marketing Manager at Expando

The result

This resulted in a 63% increase in website visitors. 


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