Humly implements HubSpot to achieve profitable growth

iGoMoon helped Humly with implementing HubSpot as their centre of intelligence. Now they already have a better understanding of their customers buying behavior, generated MRR/ARR, retention and how they are churning.


Humly is the leading digital marketplace in Sweden for nurseries, schools and educators, and they're on a mission to change the business of supply teaching as well as the way schools, educators and students interact with each other. They are active in Sweden and the UK, and their platform is designed to make it easy for Supply teachers to find suitable jobs and assignments. 

They have been using many different systems for all their customer-facing teams, which has led to working in silos and not having a clear overview of their customers. To be able to reach the desired growth, they needed to make a shift. Therefor they chose to implement the HubSpot CRM as a shared system for all teams, to act as a single source of truth.

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The problem

All of their Sweden and UK based customer-facing teams were working in different systems. They didn't have any system to act as a central one, where all relevant data could be shared and accessed in real-time. They were also using insufficient spreadsheets for some of the processes, such as contracts and support information, and this information was all handled manually.

The solution

Their goal was clear, to have a 360 degree overview of their users that would align their teams and provide an excellent experience for substitute teachers on their platform.

Therefore, we helped them with implementing the HubSpot CRM as the core, together with the Marketing, Sales and Service hubs.

The CRM:

  • We implemented the CRM with general set up, domains, configuration and 2FA. 
  • Created custom objects and properties to integrate with Backoffice and to be able to pull information from other systems.
  • We set up teams for the different markets with team specific permission sets and country/market-based contact segmentation.

Sales hub:

  • We defined two separate sales pipelines with stage-specific actions for sales people to perform in HubSpot. 
  • We provided training and documentation for their sales representatives to get a smooth start and to start using the platform efficiently.

Marketing hub: 

  • We created a knowledge base and segmented subscription types for different categories of marketing emails.
  • We set up tracking capabilities for custom behavioral events to receive data from Humly's digital platform.
  • And marketing automation with workflows and lead nurturing.

Service hub:

  • We created an automated ticketing system with relevant pipelines for Humly's support & talent success teams. 
  • We set up a custom integration for a text messaging (SMS) tool, which creates tickets from incoming text messages.


I believe we gained extra value in this project from working with iGoMoon, we were finished with the implementations of all of the hubs before the project deadline.
Kristoffer Hedram, CCO at Humly

The result

Shortly after the implementation project, Humly can already see significant benefits of using HubSpot as a single source of truth for their teams. They have a better understanding of:

  • How much MRR and ARR is being generated
  • The buying patterns of their customers
  • How their customers are churning
  • Their customer retention

In addition to this, they have a clear overview of their processes and a system where the teams (both Sweden & the UK) have the needed tools to follow the processes they've defined. It's also easy for them to get employees engaged and starting to use the system, with help from the training and documentation that was provided. 



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