Adding clarity to Inuit’s Product Page and Reducing Visitor Anxiety to Increase Conversions

iGoMoon helped Inuit improve their product listing page on their website with a modern design and smooth customer journey. We were faced with the challenge of simplifying the user journey and creating a UX-friendly optimization to help Inuit’s customers effortlessly navigate their product offerings.


iGoMoon was tasked with improving the usability and aesthetics of Inuit’s product listing page. We redesigned the page with two key objectives in mind: seamless navigation and easy maintenance for future updates. The project included the UX and UI design and development of the new product listing page.

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The problem

Inuit was facing problems with their product listing page. It wasn’t user friendly to update and it didn’t perform as they wished. Inuit sells many products and wanted to improve the visual appeal and navigation of the listing page by categorizing their many products.

The solution

By categorizing the products into sections it allows the customer to find key products more easily. A product list overview also helps filter and sort through products for the user to browse the site’s product catalog effortlessly. The product list effectively dictates product presentation and provides the pathway to the right product.

While improving the product listing page we also moved all of Inuit’s products into HubDB making the website more user friendly to work with. Inuit has products displayed in more than one place on their website so, when they need to update those sections they have to go to each page, make the necessary updates, and check for consistency with all other mentions of the product or service.

By moving all of Inuit’s products into HubDB the team at Inuit can simply update the information in the relevant table one time and the changes will automatically reflect sitewide. Not only will this save them time but it will give an added layer of protection against inconsistencies that could confuse potential customers.

What HubSpot products were used in your solution?

  • Hubspot CMS Hub

iGoMoon helped with the new design and the new functionality that makes it much easier to find what you're looking for. That's been a good development.

Markus Arvidsson, Marketing Manager at Inuit

The result

The new design and functionality of Inuit’s product page has improved engagement because of its categorized product listings that allow for easy navigation between categories. Inuit’s Marketing Manager, Markus Arvidsson says they have seen their visitors stick around longer and click more according to their Hotjar data.


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