Website redesign helps Mevisio establish brand consistency

Mevisio partnered with iGoMoon to update their website with a more modern look and increased functionality. The new site highlights Mevisio’s product and capabilities in a crisp format that’s easy to navigate.


Mevisio’s new website is focused on high performance and emphasizes their brand identity. They wanted to show what they stand for more in their visual language. Their website is fully integrated with HubSpot CMS and CRM which allows for fast updates and easy customization to drive more traffic and create a great user experience.

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The problem

Mevisio had an outdated site disconnected from the brand design they desired. They wanted a brand refresh and website redesign to bring their visual language to their target customer. Being a small business, Mevisio wanted their visual language to communicate a modern look and feel, but still resonate with prospective clients in formal industries like manufacturing and healthcare. It was a task for our designers to balance formal and established with a modern design aesthetic.

The solution

To take advantage of the full HubSpot platform, HubSpot CMS was a natural decision for Mevisio. Their new website was developed with unique layouts for website pages using custom modules that were developed to be flexible, yet stay on brand and maintain consistency throughout Mevisio’s site.

For Mevisio to showcase their platform and its unique capabilities, we designed illustrations that help communicate the full scope of what they do with their website visitors.

What HubSpot product was used in your solution?

  • Hubspot CMS

iGoMoon really made sure that we were satisfied with the end result of the design and we are really happy with it!

Hannah Ehlenbach, Project Manager at Mevisio

The result

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to Mevisio’s new site and they feel that iGoMoon met their needs and came up with a modern design and illustrations that reflects Mevisio as a brand.


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