Building a toolbox for growth with Occtoo and HubSpot’s CMS Hub

Occtoo wanted to create a fresh look for their website and also have the ability to manage it going forward. This required the build of page templates and modules using HubSpot’s “drag-and-drop” function. Occtoo would then build the site's website pages. Learn how Occtoo accelerated their growth by teaming up with iGoMoon.


Occtoo offers an experience data platform designed to help companies fast forward the creation of relevant customer experiences everywhere.

Occtoo wanted a new website design and the autonomy to be able to manage it themselves thereafter. They wanted the flexibility to create different site pages based on page templates and be able to structure their pages using customizable modules. They not only wanted complete flexibility, they also wanted their website pages to remain consistent with their brand’s look and feel. To do this iGoMoon designed and developed page templates and associated modules.

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The problem

Occtoo’s old website was dated and their page templates and modules were limited in their functionality. Therefore Occtoo’s Marketing team were having trouble creating pages the way they wanted them and needed to find workarounds to create specific page elements they required.

The solution

Occtoo’s website and business priorities will change continuously in the next few years. So it was important to give them something flexible to work with. They needed modules to act as the building blocks they could then continuously develop their website with.

iGoMoon built new page templates and associated modules in HubSpot’s CMS Hub. Using different modules, Occtoo could create the page the way they wanted. iGoMoon designed the modules carefully to limit the amount of customization in order to meet Occtoo’s brief and avoid the site being off brand or inconsistent.

iGoMoon were really flexible within the process, and I thought the team was very dedicated to creating excellent results for us. I really appreciated that.

Katarina Nilsson, Chief Marketing Officer

The result

Occtoo were able to create their site from “scratch” using the page templates and modules iGoMoon designed and developed which resulted in a successful website launch. The new site was well received by the public and Occtoo doubled their traffic in one month of being live.

You can read more about Occtoo’s website project and the strategies Katarina Nilsson, Chief Marketing Officer, at Occtoo uses to accelerate their growth success in this Q&A interview we did with her.


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