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OSM Aviation Academy generated 543 leads on a 51% landing page conversion rate. How? Hubspot CMS, Growth-Driven Design and iGoMoon.

OSM Aviation Academy

OSM Aviation Academy is Sweden’s premier training provider for commercial airline pilots. While OSM received a high amount of applicants each year, they had a hard time providing prospective students with the right content about their training program and finding the time to grow their business, not just run it.

They needed to streamline not just their marketing, but also their application process. From event management, application, testing, and admittance.

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The problem

The old website ran on a number of different systems. With a small marketing and sales department, they simply could not afford to spend their time on manual, repetitive tasks.

The solution

Hubspot website focused on user experience and answering not only the questions the prospective students knew they had, but also the ones they didn’t.

An integration to a custom built events system was developed, to display events and handle signups and payments.

An interactive test for answering the basic question: “Can i become a pilot?”. There were alot of common misconceptions of what it takes to become a commercial pilot, this was a simple and fun way of converting the visitors.

We have the tools we need to know which leads to nurture and which to neglect. Our website not only looks great but is fully equipped to help us grow.

Stein Mjåtveit, Director of Marketing

The result

Post- launch, the site saw a drastic increase in traffic, a landing page conversion rate of over 51% and 548 new contacts: all in a three week window. The lead generating machine: a test called Become a Pilot.


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OSM Aviation Academy

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