How Quinyx website traffic grew 50% in one year

Transitioning from their previous CMS to HubSpot’s CMS has made the website the epicenter of their marketing efforts and campaigns, primarily due to its ease of use for the marketing team.


Quinyx is on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people by improving their work lives, driven by the understanding that a happy workforce means a happy, more successful business. To achieve its mission, they needed to move faster with tremendous flexibility. Therefore, they decided to move their marketing website onto the Hubspot CMS and partnered with iGoMoon to redesign the site from a static brochure to become a digital sales rep.

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The problem

Constant growth is at the core of how the Quinyx team works, and they need tools that support this mindset. To do this, they want to test, evaluate, tweak their content, and try again. For Quinyx, high-quality SaaS-tools are vital to enabling this.

The solution

To leverage the link between their HubSpot contact database and the CMS, Quinyx incorporated personalization into their site experience. The site was developed to manage multiple languages and markets both from a user experience perspective and from an SEO perspective to support their rapid global growth. Quinyx and the team at iGoMoon built a custom calculator that feeds all new leads directly into their contacts database and the customers are automatically emailed a PDF of their results.

HubSpot made it easy to try new things quickly. We’re a fast-growing team and company, and they are growing their product capabilities at a similar rate.

Mark Phillips, Digital Marketing Manager

The result

Aside from the fact that the site performance has increased rapidly. Hubspot CMS has allowed the team to really use their website as a tool to support their marketing and sales goals. Enabling quick changes, easy maintenance, and high measurability.

50% - Increase in Traffic
30% - Increase in organic traffic
20% - Decrease in bounce rate


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