Offline to Online for Fast Growing Why Bravo

Australian based Business Consultancy Why Bravo transformed their in-person training to work in an online setting across the globe to adapt to trying times

Why Bravo

Why Bravo is an Australian based training company, the two co-founders Steve and Darcy are on a mission to bring the business world a more effective learning experience. Out of the need for a sales training that actually produced measurable change, "The Sales Game" was born, an aptly named training that teaches leaders and their teams how to sell and think strategically through the use of a game. When the event grew bigger and logistical challenges grew bigger, iGoMoon assisted Why Bravo in creating an app that would allow them to leverage and scale their effort even further than before.

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The problem

The training was a hit from Day 1, but it was limited to physical delivery, that put immense pressure on the scalability of the business as Steve and Darcy's time was finite, and with the game recently going international as well, it getting harder to meet the requirements.... and right at the tipping point, the 2020 pandemic hit the globe; "We had a great product that people were demanding, and we could no longer deliver it in an offline world, we didn't have time or resources to deliver it offline".

There was a ceiling on what was possible, a new approach was needed.

The solution

In an adaptive stroke of genius, Steve and Darcy re-configured their game-based training to work online, but after the trial run it was clear there was a new challenge, scaling up the even was still an issue, requiring more manual work from Why Bravo's part than before.

With iGoMoon's help, a Laravel + VueJS based single page application (SPA) was built that re-created the game experience in a new way than kept the "players" even more engaged. The app took an offline even and recreated it digitally so it could be delivered to anyone, anytime, anywhere removing the need for Steve and Darcy to be "in the room". The app also served in raising the event's profile by becoming it's own tangible product; "...before it was just another event we could run, but making it its own product and creating the app added so much credit to it within the market".

The Process

  1. Planning - Getting extremely clear on what functionality and feel was required for the app to be a success.

  2. Design - With our professional UX/UI designer and easy-to-use modern interface was created.

  3. Development - Built on a solid scalable foundation, the design was brought to life.

  4. Testing - Feedback is king, we conducted a trial run to iron out any inconsistencies.

  5. Initial Launch - The first live event was a hit with more than 50 attendees from multiple countries.

  6. Ongoing Upgrades - Since the initial launch, value-packing upgrades have been added, including video conference integration, "player journals" and unlockable game levels (yep, this is a business training).

iGoMoon has been 50 out of 10! One of the most communicative, effective and talented providers we've ever worked with.

Darcy, Co-Founder, Why Bravo

The result

The new app has allowed Steve and Darcy at Why Bravo to replicate themselves, freeing up their limited time to train more sales teams and people without burning themselves out, the app not only automated alot of the training, it has made it easier in the digital world to spread their brand all across the western world, when before it would've been limited to Australia and New Zealand.

"Without the new tools, we couldn't have done it, in the past we would have had to do it all ourselves."



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Why Bravo

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