Launching a new business website to attract, engage and delight visitors across Europe

How do you turn your business website into your best salesperson that attracts and engages a wider geolocation audience to use your new product? Timeplan is a complete cloud-based personnel and planning system that helps medium-sized companies with scheduling, time reporting, communication and payroll management. Timeplan came to iGoMoon for help building their new website on HubSpot’s CMS Hub.


Our goal was to ensure Timeplan is delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. We began a deep dive with the sales and marketing teams to understand what Timeplan’s client base has looked like in the past, and what their aspirational client base looks like for their new product. Then we can take tactical measures to attract and connect with that audience online. 

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The problem

Timeplan is busy growing in Europe and the team is working on a new product which is going to launch in the United Kingdom and Denmark, Norway, Finland and, of course, Sweden to start with.

When they grow, their customers and their needs change, and Timeplan needs a better working website than the one they have, which they've had for three years. 

The solution

With the help of Timeplan, iGoMoon started with a deep dive into the target audience. It was crucial that we understood the prioritization of the right information for the right target personas. This was also to help give us a good understanding of the information hierarchy for each new page to have great user interface design as well as user experience.


Previous consultants who have helped us implement HubSpot sales and marketing automation, it's been a very different experience working

with them compared to working with iGoMoon. With iGoMoon it's felt far more structured and there is a lot of experience from the iGoMoon team. It felt safe, honestly.”



Eskil Nord, Growth Marketing Manager at Timeplan

The result

A sales ready website that attracted new prospects in new countries even before Timeplan launched their new product.


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