iGoMoon and Vattenfall - from outbound to inbound

Vattenfall needed a partner that could master the whole ecosystem of inbound marketing. They had previously focused on outbound marketing and wanted to change their focus. iGoMoon met their expectations and became a partner.


Vattenfall's vision and strategy is to be the leading company when it comes to sustainable energy production. At the same time they have a vision to help their customers in their sustainable consumption of energy and electricity. So, they offer their customers products and services that help them to be climate neutral, set up life cycle analyses and keep track on the origin of the production of electricity.

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The problem

Nowadays, many customers find the information that they need by themselves. But today it is not only about providing the information to the customers, it’s even more important to capture leads and measure them. Vattenfall realised that they had to shift from outbound to inbound marketing when they had a challenge reaching the customers. For this, Vattenfall felt that they needed to work with an agency that fully understood the whole ecosystem of inbound marketing and marketing automation.

Master of three pillars

There were three things Vattenfall required their new partner to master:

  • Content creation - To really know what content to create, what is attractive and what kind of content that is right for the buyer personas.
  • Search engine optimisation - All the content needs to be produced with an SEO perspective so that the content gets visible.
  • Inbound marketing and marketing automation perspective - To be able to activate the content.

The solution

Previously, Vattenfall has worked with more traditional agencies within outbound and event marketing, and also a couple of content agencies. But this time they wanted to find a partner that understood the whole ecosystem of inbound marketing and marketing automation. That is how Vattenfall found iGoMoon.

iGoMoon reached the expectations and showed that we are experts within inbound marketing, content marketing and marketing automation and that we master the ecosystem. For Vattenfall’s CMO, Mats Linder, it was also important to have a partner who dares to challenge their ideas which they found that iGoMoon does. Also, Vattenfall chose to have support for inbound marketing in HubSpot, which iGoMoon is a proud Diamond Partner to.

The result

Vattenfall feels like they would have been left behind if they didn’t make this change from outbound to inbound marketing. Now they can meet their customers online with the right content, methodology and at the right stage of their customer journey. Vattenfall has noticed that the trend is rapidly turning back to their favor again and they are getting more prospects, leads and growth, which is the main purpose with marketing and sales.


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