Discovery Workshop

We structure your marketing and sales strategy to take your customers to the Moon

What is Discovery Workshop?

A discovery workshop is a specific activity that aims to bring together key stakeholders in one place to brainstorm and define goals, processes, and expected outcomes.

At the workshop, we’ll unlock your business's full potential and help you discover, or re-discover, what makes your business special. So that you communicate it throughout your future inbound marketing activities, attract your ideal customers and increase the revenue.

Why do you need one?

It’s always more visible from the outside, isn't it? At the Discovery Workshop, our team of specialists, led by a strategist, will analyze your business processes, dive into your marketing and sales, and get the full picture. Together, we set long-term goals and discover quick wins.

Through iGoMoon's Discovery Workshop you will get:

  • A holistic view of your business from the outside perspective
  • Sales and marketing enablement
  • Individual approach and clear agenda
  • Instant tangible results

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Rapid growth requires a defined, measurable customer pipeline and an agile, adaptive approach. Knowing what to measure and where in the customer journey to focus is a key factor to optimize your time and resources. It’s all about combining the people, the process and the technology.
Erik Rörström
CTO, iGoMoon
Erik Rörström

Individual approach and clear agenda

While we follow established processes and a clear agenda, our workshop is not the same for everyone. We prepare for it in advance by analyzing the data you provide, and by the day of the workshop, we know what to focus on so that you get the maximum result. Our flexibility is based on our customer's needs. Therefore, the day of the workshop goes as efficiently as possible.

Sales and marketing enablement

We make a breakthrough in your sales and marketing, structuring your processes using the SMARKETING approach - integration of the sales and marketing processes. The workshop becomes an opportunity for your teams with the support of the moderator - our strategist - to exchange opinions and hear each other's challenges and set common goals and definitions.

A snapshot look at iGoMoon Discovery Workshop

Ideal customer profile and buyer personas

Step one in any strategy is understanding whom we're targeting. Our number one priority and our most important relationship: customers.

Building your flywheel

Using the Pirate Metrics and the flywheel, we map out which metrics and KPIs drive your sales and marketing, understanding what creates and reduces friction in your flywheel.

The rocket launch

We're way too creative to use time doing SWOTs. Instead, we workshop a rocket launch, identifying the gravity (what keeps you down) and the rocket fuel (what brings you closer to the moon).

Goal setting

When we know where we are, we can start to aim for the stars. Setting SMART goals enables us to focus on the right actions, make appropriate priorities, and realistic budgets, and set the right expectations.

Focus areas

When we've set out the goals, we can start to talk about what we need to do to reach those goals. Identifying low-hanging fruit, and diamonds in the rough (often we are sitting on gold, but are too close to see its shining).

Resource optimization

Finally, once we know where we are, where we're going, and how we're going to get there - we're almost done. The last step is to identify how we can fly - how do we fuel the rocket? Budget, people, time.


Tangible results

Discover, Build and Grow - it's about iGoMoon mission.

Together with you we're building your rocket, fuelling it, and taking you and your customers to the Moon.

You will get tangible results right at the session. During the workshop we:

  • Give an “overview effect” on your business
  • Structure your marketing and sales
  • Align your teams
  • Develop SMART goals and KPIs
  • Set a clear trajectory of the further movement
  • Discover quick wins
  • Find the right mix of technologies
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