HubSpot for BioTech companies

We help you with your digital transformation and implement a solution that enables you to meet the needs of your modern customers. Whether you're a life sciences tools supplier or a BioTech company doesn't matter, you need a system that can help you understand your customers and streamline your daily work.

BioTech and HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-on-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform where you can connect all parts of your business to act as a single source of truth. One of the greatest benefits of the platform is that it is extremely user-friendly and doesn't require high technical knowledge or an administrator. Whenever you do need help, we provide you with technical help and ensure that your platform is tailored to your needs.

HubSpot CRM should be implemented as your center of intelligence, where all your business data is stored and shared between the teams that need it when they need it. Today, this connectivity which allows all your teams to work in the same system is crucial, regardless of industry. Another significant aspect that has changed is customer expectations, they expect personalized offerings which suit them. HubSpot allows you to gather the demographic data you need to be able to create the personalized experiences your customers demand and to maintain the relationships you have built.

Whether you're a supplier with a sales-ready product in the industry or a company still in the phase of developing a product, you probably need to store information about your customers and potential investors. Therefore you need a structured system to do so, in a secure way - a system like HubSpot.

Using a spreadsheet for storing information about customers or investors, is not an efficient solution and oftentimes doesn't meet legal requirements. 

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Bio-Works is a developer and manufacturer of chromatography resins with a mission to make important medicines available and accessible to everyone. We have worked with Bio-Works in a few different projects, and helped them with their inbound marketing strategy as well as their commercial side of business and online presence.

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BioLamina is a Swedish scale up BioTech company and a producer of Laminins which are used to grow cells in a research space. These cells are then used for many different applications such as therapies, diagnostics and meat alternatives. 

They decided recently to implement the HubSpot CRM as their centre of intelligence and chose to partner with us for this project.

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For Life sciences tools suppliers

If you're a life sciences tools supplier with a sales-ready product and a sales process, you can implement your customized sales process into the HubSpot CRM with pipeline automation. This way you can follow all your deals in the pipeline in real time and make sure that you have a clear overview of all your sales data and efforts in one system.

You are able to do the same for your marketing, you can create tailored content and use the tools for automation, nurturing, and reporting, making sure that you have an overview of the entire customer journey. HubSpot offers great tools for lead generation and allows you to pull data about customer activities and interactions, providing you with a better understanding of your potential customers.

Since HubSpot is an all-on-one platform you can also develop your website in the CMS hub. This allows you to connect all parts of your business to the same platform with a shared reality.

HubSpot offers countless integration opportunities, so if there is a system you're using today such as an ERP system, E-commerce platform, or any other system, it can be integrated with your HubSpot CRM. In fact, integrations are great because it further enhances you to gain a 360 degree of all your business data.

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For BioTech companies

As a BioTech company with a sales-ready product or still in the phase of developing a new product, you may not have a sales process or commercial strategy in place yet. This is a process you should start thinking about early because when your product is sales-ready, you need to have created awareness about your brand to your target audiences.

To create and maintain an online presence, you also need to have the right tools in place to do so. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can connect your social channels to the portal and create scheduled content on LinkedIn and your other social channels. This function saves a lot of time since it allows you to schedule content in bulk. With everything connected in the CRM, you have all the analytical data in HubSpot which helps you understand your audiences better, and therefore segment your audiences, contextualize and personalize your efforts.

Meanwhile, in the development phase of a new molecular device or a diagnostics tool, the HubSpot CRM is a perfect tool for you to customize a pipeline focused on potential investors to have an overview of the data and follow up on the processes and dialogues while making sure legal requirements such as GDPR compliance are met. In the same way as storing data about customers, you can use it for investors and researchers, and whoever might be a potential contact for your business. HubSpot offers tools to create segmented lists and which can be used to send out monthly or quarterly newsletters or other relevant information.

With HubSpot CMS you can follow and analyze how your website visitors behave on your specific website pages, how they interact, and what type of content they are engaging with. This allows you to tailor your content according to the needs and expectations of your visitors.



A CRM platform which can be customized according to the needs of your business. Use the CRM and the data as it suits your business the best.



Connect all your teams to one platform and use it as a single source of truth. Integrate the systems you need to create the most powerful tech-stack for your business.



Use tools for automating and streamlining your marketing and sales processes. Even without a defined sales process, you can automate marketing activities while you're building your commercial brand.

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