Humly managed to reduce time spent on daily sales tasks by 50% after HubSpot implementation

Approximately 6 months after implementing HubSpot, the sales team at Humly has managed to reduce time spent on daily sales activities by 50%, allowing them to spend more time following up on ongoing deals and scheduling more meetings.

We helped Humly with:

  • Implementing the HubSpot CRM as a single source of truth across the entire organization, enabling them to have a clear real-time overview of all customer and candidate data.

  • Building a customized and scalable tech stack with HubSpot technology.

  • Customizing the platform according to their needs and enabling them to set up their recruitment process in HubSpot.

Shortly after the implementation, they could see improvements in customer intelligence and follow generated MRR/ARR, customer retention, and churn.

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We are a HubSpot Solutions Partner, focusing on customers who want to grow their business using the HubSpot CRM as their center of intelligence. Since 2014, we have helped our customers implement customized HubSpot CRM platforms, enabling them to work in a connected and data-driven environment while reaching scalable growth.


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