Account based marketing

Unite marketing & sales teams to become team revenue

ABM has become a sufficient part of an inbound marketing strategy for B2B companies with long and complex sales cycles


Set up your ABM strategy

The first step when starting working with ABM is to set up a strategy. Here we look at your target groups and choose what message to carry out. Then we choose channels to share content with the target group. In the strategy, we define goals, KPI, and reporting for the ABM project.

To set up an ABM project the marketing and sales need to be aligned. An important part of ABM is to know when and how leads should be moving from marketing over to sales. The technical tools for that are to set up “lead scoring” and “lead nurturing”. For sales, we also set up “sequences” to follow up the leads and enhance all communication.

In HubSpot we set up target accounts, buying roles, ideal customer profiles, and tiers. For this, we use the contacts we got through inbound marketing to segment out the leads that are in our target group for the ABM project.

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Execution to attract the ideal customer profile

To attract the target group there are different ways. Since we like the approach to work ABM combined with inbound marketing, the execution is combined with them both. We focus on creating the relevant content needed for contextual marketing, together with lead nurturing and scoring. We use LinkedIn ads segmented to the target group, creates audiences based on imported contact lists and previous visits to the website. Another pillar here is Google ads that are segmented to only be visible for the target group.

Measure and analyze results

To measure and follow up on how ABM projects are performing we mainly use HubSpot. From the strategy and set up we look at the data and analyze what is performing and not. From that, we make decisions on recommendations to update and refine the execution to reach the defined goals.

New contacts
New deals

Enable collaboration across teams

Selling to large accounts is a team effort. HubSpot's ABM tools have made it easier for our marketing and sales teams to collaborate around accounts and track progress, leading to more efficient sales cycles and better deal predictability. Sometimes our customers need help with a HubSpot integration to enable closed-loop reporting for their ABM projects.