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Discover Your Inbound Marketing Potential.

Are You Ready for Inbound Marketing?

It's time to get digital. You've watched as your customers made the digital leap and wished to follow them. But you don't know where - or how- to start or even if you are ready to make the change. 

These are tough, but necessary questions to ask. And we are here to help you find out.


Let's Find Out

Every company's situation is unique, but the questions that needs to be answered are the same. In short, it's about commitment. If you can make a commitment to inbound marketing, to us as a partner and if we can develop the tools you need to get started.

And that's what iGoMoon Discovery helps us find out. 

Get to Know Your Company.

IGoMoon Discovery is an extensive pre-study, designed to help you understand the work behind inbound marketing and your company’s potential for it. And if iGoMoon is the right partner for you.

The pre-study results in an extensive requirement specification for your digital marketing needs. 

We will look at: 

Buyer personas

Your Ideal Customers

They are highly motivated and dedicated to doing the proper research to make an informed decision and find the best solution to their problem. And that should be your company.


How you package your products and services 

We get to the core of your business by mapping out how you are currently marketing and packaging your services to stand out in the industry.


Marketing Tools and Platforms 

Deep diving into your current channels will help your business fill any potential gap. And focus your marketing effort.


Time, Budget and Skills

Inbound marketing is a team effort that requires a lot of your team. If the time, budget and personnel isn’t in place, inbound marketing isn't for you. 

Let's Find Out If:

  • You're Ready For Inbound Marketing. If you don't have the time, personnel or budget, you will go through all the pains of growing without the gain.

  • We Can Work As a Team. Making sure that our cultures fit is one the most important factors for success. If we work togheter, we must move at the same pace in the same direction.
  • We're the Right Web Agency For You. Your website might need a re-design or a system integration. By learning the size of the project, and the skills needed to perform it, we find out. 

Out of three agencies, iGoMoon was the only one we were confident could build our website in Hubspot and meet our integration needs.

Joakim Rutgersson

Chief Marketing Officer, VJS

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