Freshly baked saffron buns, an idyllic environment, combined with the best possible mingle company, Christmas buffet that did not leave us wishing for more, and an exciting visit from Hubspot. Earlier this week we had the honor to invite our largest customers to a crisp inspiration day in the spirit of Christmas with extra everything!


the table is set


Early December morning, one day left until to St. Lucia and with Christmas Eve just around the corner. As if ordered, the first December snow in Stockholm fell to the ground and the Christmas spirit was at its very height when we entered the historic Stallmästaregården in Hagaparken where we chose to spend this inspiration day.

Ever since early fall, when the invitations were sent out, we had looked forward to gather a group of our largest customers to sum up the year that has passed, talk successes and challenges and above all have a wonderful and inspiring day together. Besides that, we love to hang out with our customers and it is also a great opportunity for them to meet each other, share experiences and gain insights into how others in the same or similar positions work at their companies.

Mattias kicks off the day!

After a flying start with several pots of coffee, freshly baked saffron buns and lots of mingling it was time for Mattias to begin the day with welcoming everyone and talk about iGoMoon's journey, and how we are moving away from being a web agency, to a hybrid agency and today a aiming to become a digital consulting company. I am probably not the only one who thinks it is still unreal to hear about how iGoMoon has grown, from an idea on paper to a company with 16 employees in just a few years. Of course, this would never have been possible without our customers, and we are so grateful that they are with us on our moonshot journey, but also that we get the opportunity to be a part of theirs.


iGoMoon customers listening to Susanne Rönnqvist from HubSpot

Inspiring visit from HubSpot

We were thrilled and honored to welcome Susanne Rönnqvist Ahmadi as guest speaker. Susanne told us about her journey as a Marketing Manager, that today has led to the role as VP International Marketing at HubSpot. Not only has she managed to win two Swedish championship gold medals in kickboxing, worked as a presenter and hostess for several TV-broadcasted sports-galas, she has also made an impressive career as a Marketing Manager, a role that took off already as a 25-year-old.

In addition to listening to Susanne's exciting journey as a Marketing Manager, previously at Klarna and currently at HubSpot, she told us about how marketing has changed over the years and shared her best tips and advices for marketers. I think we can all agree that we learned incredibly much from Susanne, and are so grateful that she wanted to spend this morning with us.

Time for Christmas buffet!

Lastly, it was time for the le grand final, the Christmas food! Let me just say, the buffet tavle did not disappoint us. It offered everything you could wish for, from several varieties of herring and salmon to a dessert table loaded with sweets. After lots of mingling and amazing food, it was time for the iGoMoon-crew, Susanne and our customers to go back to work and wrap up the day
at the office. Charged with new ideas, exiting knowledge and SO much inspiration!


iGoMoon Christmas lunch Sunsanne Rönnqvist Ahmadi


the dessert table