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Welcome Roberta!

Get to know iGoMoon's new Business Developer. Roberta is originally from Italy but has lived in Dublin in recent years. How does her role at iGoMoon look like and what is her guilty pleasure food? Read to find out!
Månresan, iGoMoon Crew
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iGoMoon invited customers to frictionless dance

In March we invited our largest customer's marketing managers to an inspiring workshop with HubSpot's marketing manager wizard, Susanne, to identify the factors that create the most friction in an organization. But also to find simple tools to reduce friction and increase the force. Read more about the workshop here!
Månresan, Interviews, Workshop
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Matilda in action

Life as an Inbound Marketing Consultant

Create content, run campaigns, make keyword analysis and build strong customer relationships. Our inbound marketing consultants days are, to say the least, eventful. I was curious to find out more about how a day in the life of an IMC at iGoMoon really look like. Read to find out more!
Månresan, HubSpot Marketing Hub
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Mattias starts the days

Workflow & self-leadership at  Steam Hotel

On the first of February it was time for the entire team at iGoMoon to pack the weekend bags and jump on a train towards the Swedish small town, Västerås for a conference at the chic Steam Hotel. Read more about our Friday full of new insights, workflow training and delicious food in an outstanding environment.
Månresan, iGoMoon Crew
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