Create content, run campaigns, make keyword analysis and build strong customer relationships. This is just a small selection of the tasks that fill our inbound marketing consultants, “IMCs”, workdays. I was curious to find out more about the pacey and versatile role and how a day in the life of an “IMC” at iGoMoon really look like.

Trying to summarize the role as inbound marketing consultant at iGoMoon is no walk in the park. Well, you probably figured out that our IMCs work with inbound marketing by now. But boy, there is so much that falls into the concept. Not to mention the endless development opportunities, and exciting career paths the IMC-role offers. Only the sky is the limit!

Briefly explained, inbound marketing is about creating data-driven marketing that deserves the customer's attention by offering value through what one communicates. Which in the long run provides profitable marketing, stronger customer relationships and higher sales. This, in contrast to outbound marketing, where you have to fight for potential customers’ attention.

The Inbound Marketing Team at iGoMoon

We currently have four inbound marketing consultants at iGoMoon. First up, we have Calle and Fia who are team leaders, and second we have the team members Jonathan and Matilda, who are Jr. inbound marketing consultants. Working as an IMC does not mean that you have to be an expert on one and the same thing.

The team of four possess very different skills and expertise, ranging from SEO and analysis, to strategy and copywriting. But in common for them all, their daily work is based on the inbound marketing methodology, and they dance around in the marketing automation tool HubSpot - in order to optimize the buying journeys and marketing automation flows for our customers.

Matilda in action

No Ordinary Days for Our IMCs

It has been almost six months since we welcomed our latest inbound marketing consultant Matilda onboard our moonshot journey. And she has really grown into her role with rocket-like speed! I was curious to hear more about how her first time has been and what an ordinary day at work can look like.

Matilda describes the first few months as incredibly rewarding and intense, no day looks like the other. The role offers a great variation of what a typical day could be.. We have realized, that an attempt to summarise how a usual day for an IMC looks like probably is a better fit for a novel, than a simple blog post. Briefly, an ordinary day contains a lot of customer contact, both by mail and telephone but also physical meetings. For Matilda, there is a great focus on creating and optimizing content, do keyword analysis and run campaigns in HubSpot.

Currently, she is preparing to launch a campaign for one of our customers that will start running next week. Alongside this, she is setting up blog posts to optimize for the campaign in a blog calendar. Another important task that frequently appears, is to help our customers with emails. We help create an email with the right content, import their list of customers (if they use a separate CRM, not HubSpot), and exchange thoughts and ideas together before pressing send.

We Help Our Customers Exceed Their Goals

Of course, the main purpose of all inbound marketing consultants at iGoMoon is to help the customers reach their goals. This can mean anything from attracting visitors to the customer's website, or reaching out to a certain target group in order to get as many registrations as possible for an event or webinar.

This is done by producing the right keyword-optimized content, in the right place, at the right time, for the right person. It is also common to combine the organic marketing with search engine marketing (SEM), or paid marketing such as Google Ads or ads on LinkedIn.

Well, as you can see. The days of our IMC’s are, to say the least, eventful. But oh, so much fun!

Matilda illustrates the buyer's journey

Are You Our Next Inbound Marketing-Star?

Are you a creative doer who breathes marketing and is passionate about building strong customer relationships and create and publish engaging content? Are you triggered by challenges and get motivated by working independently in a dynamic environment where no day is like the other?

Have we told you what the best of all is? As we speak, we are looking to add an awesome inbound marketing consultant to the team who can take our customers' digital marketing to the next level. But also a brilliant team player who loves to have fun and celebrate successes together!

Does this sound like a match made in heaven? What are you waiting for!? Tell us a little about yourself, and what encouraged you to apply for the position, together with your CV. Apply by clicking the link below!