HubSpot onboarding is a process of dedicated time to learn and get a better understanding of the platform you have purchased. This is a process which needs to completed when purchasing a HubSpot professional or enterprise license and should be completed within a maximum of 60-90 days after purchase, depending on which of the hubs it is.


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM platform which enables your business to work together more efficiently in alignment. The platform includes five different hubs, marketing, sales, service, CMS and operations. There are also different pricing packages for each of the hubs you can choose from, depending on the level of advancement you need. These different hubs can be used separately but are obviously more effective when used together throughout the entire business.

HubSpot is the perfect platform for improving alignment and collaboration within a business because everything can be found in one place. But investing in new technology such as a platform can be challenging and time consuming, therefore HubSpot onboarding which is supposed to be completed after the purchase of a license is helpful for understanding the platform quicker and getting started with streamlining the daily work.

What is HubSpot onboarding?

HubSpot onboarding is a process of dedicated time where you as a customer get assigned a HubSpot specialist to help you set up your account, your strategy and help get your team acquainted with the platform. This is a process that needs to be completed when purchasing a HubSpot professional or enterprise license. The HubSpot onboarding will be customized for your business according to your goals and priorities, the size of your company, your current tech stack and of course to the HubSpot license you have purchased.

Depending on which Hub you have purchased you will have 60-90 days from purchase to complete the onboarding. For the marketing hub the deadline is 90 days from purchase and for sales it’s 60 days. The onboarding is designed to focus on three different projects throughout the process, these projects will be related to and aligned with the goals of your business. This means that the HubSpot specialist will set up the projects in your portal which you then will be held accountable for to complete.


Structure of the onboarding process

Regardless of which HubSpot license you have purchased and getting onboarded in, the structure of the process will be similar, consisting of the five following calls and project set up:

  • Kickoff call - To discuss your business, goals, challenges and priorities with HubSpot.
  • Plan/Projects set up - Choosing from different projects depending on the hub, the goal is to have three different projects which are aligned with your goals to work with throughout the onboarding process. These projects may vary a bit depending on whether you have purchased a professional or enterprise license.
  • Calls 2-4 - To explain what to do in the different projects and follow the progress of each project. After the 4th call we also schedule a growth planning call together with your CSM from HubSpot.
  • Growth call - To reflect on the progress of the process and discuss next steps.
During the onboarding process, the different projects and the process itself will be focused on everything from setting up your account to you understanding how to work with the tools efficiently.

Value for your entire team

You might already be familiar with HubSpot and know how it works to some extent, but what often happens is that customers aren’t aware of all the available features in the platform and the hubs they use. Therefore, HubSpot onboarding doesn’t only help you understand the platform and how to use it, but it also helps you understand and reach the full potential of your investment.

By completing the onboarding process and getting a better understanding of the platform and its tools, it will also be easier for you to then share that knowledge with your team when they are getting started with HubSpot.

How can iGoMoon help you?

As a HubSpot agency and accredited HubSpot onboarding partner, iGoMoon offers onboarding services to customers for the sales, marketing, CMS and service hubs. For the onboarding process you will be assigned one of iGoMoon’s certified HubSpot specialists who will help you in each step of the process, from setting a strategy to implementing the platform.

Regardless of the challenges you’re facing and the goals you are looking to achieve, we will help you find a suitable solution and make sure you get a smooth start with your HubSpot platform.

Learn more about our onboarding services, or if you're already looking to get started with your onboarding process, let's do it together!

Learn more about our onboarding services, or if you're already looking to get started with your onboarding process, let's do it together! Learn more.