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HubSpot for Recruitment & Staffing Agencies

We help you implement a digital and modern solution that enables you to gather and store the information you need about your clients and candidates to create outstanding experiences for them. With the challenge of attracting the right candidates and keeping them engaged, you need to be able to contextualize and personalize your offerings to their needs, and to do so you need the right technology.


Recruitment and HubSpot

The ways of recruiting have changed, and it is getting harder to attract the clients and candidates you want. Recruitment and staffing companies need a modern customer relationship management system (CRM), to attract, convert and nurture relationships with their potential clients and candidates to turn them into their promoters. 

HubSpot is an all-on-one CRM platform that is built to achieve scalability and growth. The platform allows your business to connect all your customer-facing teams to work in alignment with a shared reality. The HubSpot platform consists of the Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and Operations hubs, meaning that you can accomplish most of your business activities using HubSpot only. HubSpot also offers excellent integration opportunities that allow you to connect other business critical tools to the platform.

Implementing the HubSpot CRM as your center of intelligence allows you to move away from disconnected and inefficient systems, which often come with a lot of hidden costs. By leveraging the CRM data you can ensure that your processes are data-driven and that all your teams will have a clear overview of client and candidate data in real-time. Technical integrations will further improve the data overview and cross-departmental communication while allowing you to operate your business on a higher level.

If you are getting started with HubSpot from scratch, we help you implement your customized CRM with the hubs and technical integrations you need, while making sure we are aligned with your needs and goals and meet all legal requirements such as GDPR. 

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Humly is a staffing and employment agency, with a mission to change the business of supply teaching and the way schools, educators, and students all interact. They are the leading digital marketplace in Sweden for nurseries, schools, and educators. They provide a platform where supply teachers can easily find jobs and assignments based on their profiles.

How we helped Humly

The Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams at Humly faced the challenge of working in many disconnected systems, which led to them not having a clear overview of their customer and candidate data. The insufficient functionality of their former systems made it necessary to use tools such as Excel to keep track of certain information, which wasn't secure or efficient enough.

We helped them implement the HubSpot CRM as their center of intelligence and customized the platform according to their specific business processes with the needed technical integrations. Now they have a global system, where all their Sweden and UK teams are connected, with a clear overview of generated ARR/MRR, buying patterns, customer churn, and customer retention. 

Customer case: Humly tears down silos and increases transparency with HubSpot CRM.


Customizable CRM for companies in Recruitment and Staffing

Use your HubSpot platform for all your commercial needs such as lead generation of potential applicants, nurturing relationships, and optimizing your conversion paths. You can integrate your ATS and other business-critical software into the HubSpot platform, to create a 360-degree overview of your of all your client and candidate data.

Use HubSpot's marketing and sales tools to target your audiences and convert them into leads. HubSpot also allows you to connect your social channels to the platform, giving you the option to create social posts in the portal while pulling the social analytics directly into the CRM. 

HubSpot is a crafted solution built for connectivity, allowing you to create customized dashboards and reports where you can follow the performance of different departments based on the incoming data. The accessible real-time data enables you to take needed actions quickly and make data-driven improvements to ensure you are aligned with your goals.

Use our free HubSpot ROI calculator to calculate your expected ROI if you invest in the HubSpot Marketing Hub or Sales Hub.


Recruitment marketing

Attracting suitable candidates and keeping them engaged are some of the biggest challenges in the recruitment industry. The question is: How can you stand out from the competition?

HubSpot is the perfect platform to implement an Inbound marketing strategy. To be able to attract the most suitable clients and candidates, you need to understand their needs and tailor your messaging accordingly. When you know your audience, you can create contextualized high-quality content according to the needs of your target audience. 

As a customer-centric platform, HubSpot offers the tools you need to create solid relationships and nurture leads who have converted. By leveraging the CRM data and knowledge you have about your leads, you can personalize your marketing efforts from social posts to email nurturing and ensure you are targeting the right people at the right time, with the right content.

Create specific campaigns where you can connect all your marketing assets while using HubSpot's optimization tools to create high-quality content for all the different stages of the customer journey. Pull campaign-specific data to have a clear overview of which assets are performing well and which ones need to be improved.

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Integrate the tools you need to create your business's most powerful tech stack. Integrations can also be custom-built if you can't find a pre-built one that matches your needs. 


Single source of truth

Connect all your teams to one platform and use it as a single source of truth. Use the CRM for customer intelligence and leverage your knowledge and the data to create data-driven and outstanding experiences for clients and candidates.



Use the HubSpot automation tools to streamline your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Create customized sales and service pipelines with automation to maintain a real-time overview of all your customer and sales data.

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