Inbound Marketing

Increase sales and customer loyalty through educational marketing

Marketing Your Customers Appreciate.

Traditional marketing is rude

Outbound marketing, such as billboards and print ads, relies on interrupting people. Interrupting people –is- rude.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on helping customers by providing them with informative content when they are actively looking for ways to solve a problem. And that’s not rude at all. It’s pretty helpful.

Drive organic traffic

Attract The Right Visitors

By creating and publishing personalized content that will attract the right vistors to your website.

Relieve Your Customers Pain

Close more leads

With the right nurturing content your prospect needs in order to help them make an informed decision and commit.

Turn Customers Into fans

Increase customer loyalty

Through a personal and engaging buyer experience that keeps the customer committed to your brand. And turn them into fans who will promote you to infinity and beyond.

The Buyer's Journey

Customers are looking for answers. Information that helps define their problem, list possible solutions and decide how to relieve their pain. This is a window of opportunity for your business to establish itself as an authority.

Get to know your customers by mapping out your ideal customer's journey. Understanding what’s important to them in each stage ensures they always end up at your company.


The buyer has discovered a problem or an opportunity. But they haven’t clearly defined it yet. So they turn to their usual sources, like Google or other search engines, for information to get some clarity.

Customers are looking for: 

  • Ebooks
  • How-to-Guides
  • Checklists


The goal or challenge is defined and the buyer is ready to act. But how? This is where a buyer looks at different solutions and approaches to evaluate what the next step is.

Customers are looking for:

  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • Product Cataloges


It’s time. The buyer has settled on a way to solve their problem and is ready to act. The only thing that’s left is deciding on which provider to choose.

Customers are looking for: 

  • Free Trials
  • Demonstrations
  • Consultations

The Inbound Marketing Method

Inbound marketing focuses on your prospect’s interests and pains. This allows you to create interesting content and organically attract the right traffic to your site. Visitors you can convert, close, and delight through the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

1. Attract

The right traffic

Drive the right traffic to your website through by creating and publishing educational blog-posts. The right strangers for your brand will stay around and become visitors.

2. Convert

Visitors into leads.

The goal of attracting new visitors is to convert them into leads by offering helpful content through optimized landing pages in exchange for contact information.

3. Close

Leads with the right content at the right time

Tracking your leads through marketing automation and clever segmenting let's you guide prospects to the end of the sales funnel at their own pace and close the deal.

4. Delight

Customers and turn them into promoters

Repeat business is good business. Nurture your relationship with your customers and encourage them to come back by delighting them with personal engagement and offers

GDD Pricing

Each month we will dedicate a certain amount of hours to your website, and work on your wish list.
15.600 SEK
12 hours of development/Month
36.000 SEK
30 hours of development/Month
60.000 SEK
60 hours of development/Month

We realized that we not only needed a more modern-looking website, but a HubSpot website

Christian Forsman


The first inbound marketing campaign was launched in March 2016 and in a month generated:

- 613 premium content downloads
- 380 new leads
- A 250% increase in website traffic
- A website wide conversion rate of 3.5 %

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