Privacy policy

How we process your personal data

Our intention is to be transparent with you on how your data is being processed and used, and the following points are clarifying our intent

As a customer or visitor of our website you accept the terms and conditions as well as give us your consent to process your personal data as described in this privacy policy.

Are you a Customer of iGoMoon?

This page describes our privacy policy, i.e. our webpage and contact database. Here you also find more about our work regarding GDPR and our Personal Data Processor Agreement.

Data Processor Responsibilities

Data controller

We act as Data Controllers and are responsible for all personal data collected on our website. Acting as Data Controllers includes the responsibility to inform each visitor that we are collecting data, why, and how we collect data. We are also responsible to ensure you can act on your right to be forgotten, and right to access all personal data stored about you at any given time. We do not share any data with third parties unless approved.

Data Processor

If a Data Controller chooses to appoint a Data Processor (third party), the Data Controller will remain responsible for all personal data tied to the Data Subject (you). The responsibility cannot be transferred. Here is our Personal Data Processor Agreement that we composed.

Why Collect Personal Data?

Additionally, we use the information for marketing purposes to inform about product updates and services we provide, as well as information, guides, content, and news that we, based on the data we have collected, assess should be of interest to you. You can, at any time, ask us to change your information, request to access all data stored on your profile, or to delete your information. Click the unsubscribe link in one of our emails, or change your consent by contacting us:

What Data is Collected?

Depending on the situation and how you connected with iGoMoon, your personal data could be stored within one of the following categories:

  • Contact information such as name, email address, and phone number
  • User information regarding how you use our website and services. This information could include IP-address, type of unit, and web browser as well as information regarding how you interact with our website; for example, which webpages you visit, which buttons you click on, etc.
  • Other information we have collected through your contact with us
  • Kindly note that personal data enabling the third party to identify you, or other sensitive data, which you provide iGoMoon through open forums or other open communication channels such as Social Media, could be read and collected by third parties. I.e. if you comment on our blog, more people could access that data.

How Do We Collect Data?

Data You Choose To Share With Us Through Forms or Cookies

The most common way to collect personal data is by you sharing this through a form. For example, we have ”contact us”, guides, cases, and other content where we request certain personal data. You can always ask us to change, share, or delete your personal data from our databases. We have great support from our system HubSpot which enables us to complete your request.

In addition, we collect data through Cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. We use this to adjust our website to accommodate your needs and wants.

Therefore, sometimes when you revisit our site the page will recognize you and automatically present the data you have submitted previously, which in turn saves you time and improves the functionality as well as a more flexible user experience.

To ensure we provide the most relevant information and experience of our website, we use HubSpot, which is a market-leading system to handle information through automation. HubSpot has their own set of Cookies, and you can read about them here: HubSpot Cookie Policy

We also use Google Analytics to create a better user experience, which is a web analytics tool. Google Analytics cookies on this website store information about:

  • when you first visited the website
  • when you last visited the website
  • when your current visit to the website started
  • how many times you have visited the website
  • your IP address, and how you found the website.
We have adjusted the settings of Google Analytics so that the last digits of your IP address are removed before it is stored on Google. We do this to reduce the ability to link information to individuals.

You can select whether to accept or block cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but by changing the settings you can easily deny cookies to be accepted.

Contact Based on Legitimate Interest

In our marketing database, a contact could be added based on the line of work, or the company represented. The extent of your personal data is based on GDPR regulation's Legitimate Interest.

Accordingly, we assess there is mutual interest and you would benefit from information about our products and services, and that it is legitimate for us to collect your personal data. Based on this, your personal data could be collected from publicly available sources, such as your company’s website. We use your personal data to connect with you. You can at any point in time opt-out of this communication, select which information is relevant to you, or ask us to remove your personal data from our database if you disagree and do not see value in our information, products, or services.

We use HubSpot to manage our sales, marketing, support, and website. Their GDPR support is ongoing and updated. You can read more about HubSpot’s support regarding the care of personal data here: HubSpot GDPR Road Map

Which Systems Handle the Data?

The systems listed below handle data submitted by visitors from our website and our customers' personal data. Some companies are not named below, due to commercial reasons. Contact us if you would like more information.

System Purpose Personal data
HubSpot HubSpot is used as sales, marketing, and support tool. HubSpot is also used to collect data regarding the usage of our website All data you have chosen to share, or data shared on a publicly available website such as your company’s website based on legitimate interest, i.e. the assumption, is stored in HubSpot. Name, title, phone number, address and email address
Google We use Google Analytics to collect data regering the usage and performance of our website. Further, we use Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar Google Analytics stores non-personal data, such as IP-address, type of web-browser, cookie information chosen to be shared. Moreover, we store emails, calendar invitations and documents
Trello We use Trello for project management Information regarding project management for projects, such as email address and phone number
PE Accounting Used for accounting and payroll Address and any contact details stated on docu
Hotjar Used to analyze how visitors use the website Any personal data showed on the screen for the user which is logged, as well as clicks and behavioral patterns
Pandadoc Used for electronic signing Contact information of all contractors along with personal data stated on the contract
Web hosting Providing web hosting for iGoMoon's WordPress customers, i.e. application servers, databases, domains, backups, etc. Personal data stored on the customer's website
Slack Used for internal and external communication Username and email address


How Long Do We Store Personal Data?

If you initiated contact with iGoMoon (by submitting personal data through a form, etc.) your personal data will be stored until you, or iGoMoon decides to discontinue the contact. We will store the data for as long as we believe there is legitimate/mutual interest.

You can opt-out at any time, this is done easiest by clicking the opt-out link in one of our emails, or by contacting us directly at We go through and clean our database regularly.

Information Safety

iGoMoon takes information safety seriously, and we treat all personal data in a safe manner. We manage all data in accordance with established safety policies and routines to ensure no unauthorized access, changes, distribution, or destruction.

Changes and Adjustments to the Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is being updated regularly, and will be adjusted accordingly to changes or legislative amendments. We recommend you to stay updated by reading our terms and conditions regularly and read the latest version on our website.

Questions Regarding the Privacy Policy?

In case of any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, our information management, or if you wish to access the data stored on your profile, as well as if you want to be forgotten/deleted in our systems, please contact us here: